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About us

We are a small family who have decided to make a major life change by going from not caring about our food to a family that works hard to grow their own food. The change came after realizing supermarket food was not as it seemed.  The journey began by researching gardening and all of the methods of growing our own food.  We then started planning our first vegetable garden because we wanted to know exactly what went into the growing of our foods as well as where they came from.

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Gardening is where the soil meets the soul..

A look into the life of a homesteader

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about gardening methods.  Are you struggling to get started with organic gardening and need a consultation?  We do a simple, low cost gardening consultation that will access your current garden and give you practical ways to grow more food for your family.

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality information while providing family friendly entertainment. 

We hope to equip with the necessary tools for you to be successful at gardening and have a blast doing it.

Q. Is your garden organic?

A. Yes! Our homestead and gardens are 100% organic.  We pride ourselves on using all organic methods when amending the garden.


Q. Is this a family owned business?

A. Absolutely!  We have been family owned and operated since we opened in 2014.

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I am on a mission to grow all of our family's own food. I am passionate about faith, family, farming and educating others to grow their own food.

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