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About us, about, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com

We are a small family who have decided to make a major life change by going from not caring about our food to a family that works hard to grow their own food. The change came after realizing supermarket food was not as it seemed.  The journey began by researching gardening and all of the methods of growing our own food.  We then started planning our first vegetable garden because we wanted to know exactly what went into the growing of our foods as well as where they came from.


The first couple of years of our backyard eden were challenging but we managed to have a good harvest. In year three we moved from our fertile ground into a new town; a suburb as I like to call it of Dallas. Our new town is not known for farming due to the hard, compact soil with little to no appeal for gardening but there are people who manage. We moved from an acre to about a quarter of an acre lot. It proved to be difficult to plan everything that needed to happen in order to prepare the ground for planting. This time around we opted for a series of raised beds in order to up our chances of having success.


We chose to go big for our first year at our new place and built nine raised beds ranging in size from 2’x8′ and 3’x8′ and it paid off in an amazing harvest in our first full year at the new place. Even though we have had successes and failures we are pressing on with the adventure that we started several years ago with our dream of becoming more self-sufficient and being able to provide ourselves with enough fresh produce from our garden to eat for the entire year.


We are going to press on in our attempt to become more self sufficient. Along the way we will teach our friends and family how to grow their own food. We have a passion for teaching others how to garden.   Won’t you join us for this journey?

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I am on a mission to grow all of our family's own food. I am passionate about faith, family, farming and educating others to grow their own food.

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