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How to pick the perfect avocado

Isn’t it frustrating to cut into an avocado only to find a brown, slimy mess inside? This can be very disappointing! We love avocados and use them all the time.  If you are like us, then you need to learn … Read More

What is vertical gardening

Have you ever dreamed of harvesting your own fruit and vegetables, fresh from the garden? Instead of buying bland store-bought vegetables, you can enjoy delicious home-grown food.  Vertical gardening can be the solution you have been looking for! What if … Read More

What is Container Gardening

Throughout the world people are picking up a shovel and trying their hand at gardening.  They are tilling up their yards and planting crops as well as using container gardening to help feed their family. What about people who rent … Read More

How to propagate Rosemary

How to propagate Rosemary A rooted rosemary plant from a cutting will mature quicker than a plant started from seed.  The plant will reach a usable size in just a few months so you will be able to harvest rosemary … Read More

7 Ways to Conserve Water

One of the most important things that we can try to do is conserve resources. There are a number of different resources that we should be trying to conserve but, water is the most valuable and scarce resource. It’s important for … Read More

The 8 Tips to a Productive Garden

Don’t you want a garden that will produce a bountiful harvest of fresh vegetables but also produce them continuously throughout the season? Follow these tips to have an incredibly productive garden all season long.

Grow Perennials

If you could plant something one time and potentially eat from it for a lifetime..Would you do it?  It is possible!  Here’s how…