Homestead land: Finding the best fit for you

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Homestead land: Finding the best fit for you So, you have decided on starting a homestead?  Where to start? You have to start somewhere!  The best place to start if you do not already have land suitable for homesteading, whether you live in the city or suburb; is to look for land that would fit […]

How to save tomato seed

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How to save tomato seed There is an unchallenged king in gardens everywhere who’s flavor is outstanding – and that is tomatoes!  Growing the perfect tomato is like searching for the holy grail.  It can often elude gardeners. They have become the fan favorite because of the wide variety of shapes, colors and flavors.  There […]

Seed Saving – Quick tips for saving seed

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One of the best things you can do for your garden – is to save your own seed.  This is one of the oldest and most beneficial things to learn how to do.  Ever wonder “where did a Cherokee Purple tomato came from?” or what about your favorite squash?  If you are using heirloom seed, […]

How to install drip irrigation for fruit trees

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How to install drip irrigation for fruit trees What’s the most important to the survival of your fruit trees?  For me in Texas, it is definitely – water!  Here in Texas we have absolutely brutal summers with highs reaching the triple digits regularly.  It can get as hot as 110 F here on the hottest […]

Best animals for your homestead

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Best Animals for your homestead If one of your goals is self-sufficiency (or close to it) and you’re not a vegan, you’ll need a source of milk, eggs, and possibly meat. Even if you are a vegan, keeping animals on your homestead can provide you with natural fiber or wool to sell. Raising your own […]

How to mulch around fruit trees

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How to mulch around fruit trees Mulching is an easy way to cut down on water loss by plants and soil, as well as to slowly add nutrients back into the soil. Mulches come in organic and non-organic forms; and they affect soil acidity, water retention ability, and nutrient levels—all things that are important to […]

How to amend clay soil

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Gardening can be difficult when your garden is mostly clay soil. Clay soil is challenging because it is dense and holds a lot of moisture. It looks like nothing would grow in it. Most people blame the builders for removing the quality soil during the home construction. However, with a bit of effort and patience, […]

5 Tips to Successful Urban Homesteading

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Do you want to be a homesteader? Do you dream of taking care of the livestock and tending the garden?  Yep, you might be a homesteader!  That could be a line of jokes. If this is you and you live in the city, then urban homesteading may be for you.  If so, then our 5 tips […]

How to get started Homesteading today

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So you’ve chosen that homesteading sounds good to you, now what? How would can you decrease your reliance on the emotionally supportive networks of modern society? Start homesteading today! The principal question to ask yourself is why do I want to homestead? Know your inspiration. Much the same as perusing a destination, you need to […]