Growing sweet potatoes

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Growing Sweet Potatoes,, Backyard Eden

Growing Sweet Potatoes Gardeners around the globe cannot wait until spring every year so that they can plant their spring and summer crops.  We have to patiently wait until the threat of the last frost is clear before we can start to plant out our favorite veggies.  Things like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash and many […]

Starting Peppers

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There are few things out there that you can grow that are as much fun as starting peppers from seed.  There are thousands of different varieties of peppers to grow in your garden.  Sweet peppers to use in your cooking or super hot peppers to use in salsas. Starting peppers from seed and growing them until […]

How to compost using free local resources

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How to compost using free local resources, compost, Backyard Eden,

  There is absolutely no reason to spend large amounts of money on buying compost from the local big box stores, nurseries or trying to make your own. It’s simple if you know how to compost using free local resources. The idea of compost is simple.  It is completely possible to make nutrient dense compost […]

March Garden

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March Garden, growing your own, backyard homestead, backyard garden

March Garden In February we posted an update on what was growing in our backyard garden as well as a few harvest pictures of our garden.  Our March Garden has experienced a generous amount of rain over the last several weeks which has helped the garden explode with new growth.  We have also had some […]

Compost: Black gold?

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Compost: The Black Gold of Urban Farming, Compost, Backyard Eden,

Compost: Black Gold? In our world today we have many different opportunities to go green. We can use solar energy to power our homes, drive hybrid cars, re-purpose old things to give them new life and even live in tiny homes.  One of the most over-looked ways to go green is the practice of composting. […]

Top 5 Weeds to grow

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The Top 5 Weeds to grow

The Top 5 Weeds to Grow As gardeners we spend a ton of time and money putting together our space, resources and energy to create a garden.  We have plans on exactly how we want to plant out our garden to get the most out of our gardens.  I want to challenge your way of […]

Start seeds indoors

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How to start seeds indoors In this entry we are going to explore how to start seeds indoors to get a jump on your growing season. In our last entry we covered all of the necessary ingredients to start seeds indoors (Starting Seeds Indoors). We also provided an idea as to where to get them and […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

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One of the best things that any gardener can learn in order to help them in their adventures is the ability of starting seeds indoors. Starting your own seeds is an extremely important skill to have as it allows you to get a head start on the growing season, saves you money and it also […]

Planning your Garden Pt: 2

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Planning your Garden Pt: 2 9

Spring is just around the corner for many of us.  Soon the snow will be melting away to expose the rested soil that is underneath teeming with life.  The soil will thaw out, seeds will burst from their sleep and break through the ground.  We all get excited about this time of year after we […]

Planning your Garden Pt: 1

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Planning your Garden Pt: 1 11

Every year when winter weather starts to set in; the vegetable garden begins to fade, we are confined to our houses with little to no time spent digging in the dirt.  There is often very little to do other than dream of the spring but you can make use of the extra time by spending it […]

February Garden

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February Garden 13

I just wanted to give everyone an idea of what is growing in my February garden right now.  Provided below is a list of plants growing as well as some pictures (either from my garden of plants or pictures from seed companies to show what a plant will look like).  I have approximately 430 sq. ft. […]

The Dog Days of Winter

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The Dog Days of Winter 15

The abundant harvests of summer have come and gone; the days have grown shorter and colder.  That is right, winter has arrived.  For a lot of us that means that our days are spent staring out into the once flourishing garden dreaming of spring.  We cannot wait until we can once again dig in the […]

From buying to growing our own

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From buying to growing our own 17

We want to first thank you for taking the time to learn about us and what we are trying to accomplish here in our little urban homestead.  It has been a lot of work to get to where we are and there is plenty more to accomplish.  This is the story of our inspiration and […]