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    How to prune rosemary

    Do you use fresh herbs when cooking? Do you want to make sure that you have enough when you need it? If so – pruning is the way to go. Here is a look at how to prune rosemary so that you never run out. This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Pruning is an important part of growing any plant – no matter if its herbs or a decorative plant such as a rose bush. Plants need to be pruned to promote new and healthy growth. Rosemary is no different! We love using our rosemary bush pretty much…

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    How to propagate Rosemary – The easy way

    Do you love rosemary? You can grow a ton of it to use while cooking if you learn how to propagate rosemary! We absolutely love growing herbs in our backyard garden. We grow a variety of different culinary and medicinal herbs but one of our favorites to grow is – Rosemary. It is aromatic and really enhances the flavor of some of our favorite dishes so we always want an abundance on hand to use. It is super easy to propagate rosemary form cuttings. This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Rosemary is a great herb to grow in…

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    How to grow medicinal herbs

    How to grow medicinal herbs Wouldn’t it be great to have your own medicinal herb garden? It can be awesome to have medicinal herbs ready when you need them.  It can actually be quite easy! So easy that you can have a medicinal herb garden on your balcony. These are herbs you can use to make healing tinctures, teas and so much more.  Read on to learn more about how to grow medicinal herbs! How to grow medicinal herbs: Growing medicinal herbs is easy Since the beginning of time, humans have been turning to plants for sustenance and healing. But somewhere along the line, much of civilization stopped relying on…

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    How to prepare your herb bed for winter

    October is here! The evenings are starting to cool. That is a clear indication of fall finally being here in our Texas garden. Each morning is a little more brisk than the last and there is dew on the ground.  The pumpkin spice latte craze is all around us. At this point I know it’s time to sort our my garden and start on the winter to-do list. One thing I have to do every year is prepare my beds for winter.  Here is how to prepare your herb bed for winter! One of the most helpful things you can do is to make lists of what needs to be…

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    Best Herbs to Grow in your Garden

    There are literally thousands of different things that you can grow in your backyard veggie patch but none of them will grow quite as well as Herbs.  Most of the Herbs that you can buy in the store are very easy to grow in your garden. Nothing is better than going out and picking some fresh herbs to use in your favorite recipe.  Every year you can enjoy harvesting the very best herbs that you can get.  This article is going to highlight the best herbs you can grow in your home garden along with some of their uses. Basil Sweet Basil is one of the most popular kitchen herbs…

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    How to Grow Basil

    Growing a garden is one of my favorite things to do and my garden would not be complete without my herbs.  An herb garden would not be complete without some Basil.  Here is how to grow Basil! There is nothing better then walking out the backdoor and harvesting some fresh herbs to season your food. Basil is one of my favorite herbs to grow in my backyard garden.  Basil can be extremely rewarding and will provide you with a flavorful addition to a variety of dishes.  Sweet basil is a bushy annual, 1 to 2 feet high, with glossy opposite leaves and spikes of white flowers. Basil leaves are used…