5 Ways to be Frugal with your container garden

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5 Ways to be Frugal with your container garden, Frugal Gardening, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/5-Ways-to-be-Frugal-with-your-container-garden

So you want to have your very own vegetable container garden? Are you concerned with the start up costs? Is it worth it? ¬†Absolutely! Here are 5 ways to be frugal with your container garden. Before you know it, you’ll be a frugal vegetable container gardening guru! 5 Ways to be Frugal with your Container […]

Raised bed for under $30!

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How to start a raised bed garden for under $30‚Ķis it possible? Absolutely! Do you want to get started gardening but only have a few bucks to put into it? No problem! I will give you all the information you need to start your very own garden for $30 or less. Where to start with […]