Family Fun Day



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In our growing family of seven there is always something going on with our schedule so it makes it hard to have time set aside for a family fun day.  My wife and I both work full-time, our two oldest have school and basketball and the other three kids have daycare.  The four foster kids that we currently have gone to weekly visits, other random appointments, sports practices and weekly church services.

In addition to our kid’s activities each week, both my wife and I go to college full-time, we both hold managerial type rolls at our jobs, so our lives can be very hectic to say the least.  Even though our lives can be hectic and stressful at times we still find the time to get involved at church by helping with Children’s Church or coaching youth basketball.  Getting involved in your community is very rewarding on so many levels.

We also make the extra effort to take the time to spend with our family by doing fun stuff together.  We absolutely love going to the Dallas Zoo and the Dallas Arboretum to see all of the beautiful scenery while being active.

Family Fun Day

This weekend we had basketball games for both of our girls.  One played in the morning and the other in the late afternoon/early evening so we had some time to kill in between.  This was the perfect opportunity to have a family fun day, so we decided to make a little trip as a family to the Dallas Arboretum.

It can be a challenge, taking the family out to places like this but we make it work.  My wife is truly amazing at organizing the trips, planning for all the “what-ifs” that comes with having multiple children.

Dallas Arboretum

We got to the Arboretum around eleven o’clock and jumped right into our adventure.  Right now, we have five children; four fosters and our biological daughter.  Our kids are ten months, two years, four years, five years and ten years old which can make things a little interesting at times but it is incredibly rewarding.

Family Fun Day, Morphis Family of Seven, Backyard Eden,
Our family enjoying the walking trails.

We started by walking along the trails, taking time to stop and enjoy the seasonal plantings at each bend.  So many beautiful colors as far as the eyes could see.

Family Fun Day, Morphis Family of Seven, Backyard Eden,
The colors are absolutely stunning.


We stopped at a picnic table on the grass so that we could eat our lunch as a family before continuing our adventure through the rest of the park.  It was so peaceful sitting under the mature trees enjoying our time together in God’s creation.  It truly amazes me to this day how God orchestrated every little detail of our world from the smallest of insects to the largest of planets in our solar system.

Family Fun Day, Morphis Family of Seven, Backyard Eden,
Eating our picnic lunch under the trees

After lunch we continued walking along the trails looking for wildlife.  The children were just so excited to see squirrels, it was like they had never seen one before in their lives.  We made it a little game to spot the next one.


We stopped by this beautiful water feature to watch the ducks swim and play but mostly to enjoy this amazing waterfall.  The kids loved seeing the ducks and looking at all of the water areas.  We also stopped to snap a few pictures of the kids together.

Family Fun Day, Morphis Family of Seven, Backyard Eden,
We had fun watching the ducks play at the waterfall.

This was another very cool water area that featured yet another waterfall and some very nice stone work.  We chose to set all of the kids down so we could take a picture.  It was a little work getting everyone to cooperate for a minute in order to snap the picture, but it was all worth it in the end.

Family Fun Day, Morphis Family of Seven, Backyard Eden,
We took a second to snap a picture of the kids.

The arboretum is located beside White Rock Lake which is just beautiful when you take the time to appreciate it.  I have always been a huge fan of lakes.

Family Fun Day, Morphis Family of Seven, Backyard Eden,
The view from the arboretum.

We love going to the arboretum and plan to go again soon.  We had an amazing time.  I would definitely recommend the Dallas Arboretum to any family that is looking for places to go in the Dallas area.

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