How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees: Our Top 3 Swings for Your Backyard




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How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees: Our Top 3 Swings for Your Backyard

If you have ever wanted to set up a tree swing in your backyard but didn’t know how then this is the article for you! It will teach you how to hang a swing between two trees. This process should take no more than a couple of hours and anyone with basic carpenter skills.

In this blog post, you will learn how to choose the best trees for your swing, a list of materials you will need, and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to hang a swing between two trees. Let’s get into it.

Can You Hang a Swing Between Two Swings?

Yes, you can! You will just need to take some extra precautions when attaching the swings to the trees. Make sure that the rope or chains that you use to attach the swings are long enough so that the swings don’t hit each other when in use.

Choosing The Best Trees

The first thing we need to do is pick out our trees. You want them both to be sturdy enough that they won’t break when holding the weight of your child swinging from it and also close enough together so that there’s room for the swing itself without bashing into either tree on its way back and forth.

Once you’ve picked out your trees you’ll need to measure how thick the tree trunks are. This will help you decide how long your swing arm needs to be. A good rule of thumb for selecting your trees is that both tree trunks should have a diameter of at least one foot wide. If the tree is less than a foot in diameter, you may run into issues when hanging up your tree swing.

The tree should also be at least 8 feet tall, which will allow enough space to fit the cross bracket or the tree cables to attach the swing too. This tree height is the most common size found in backyards and provides ample room for a child to enjoy their tree swing without bashing into tree branches or knocking tree leaves off with every swing.

You also want a flat area between the two trees where your kids will be swinging

What Type Of Swing Is Best?

It is a good idea to start by analyzing the tree that you plan on using for your tree swing. You will want to pick tree species that are strong enough to support your weight and also trees with branches far apart from each other.

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How to Hang a Swing Between Two Trees, Backyard Eden,

Look at the tree and look out for tree limbs placed close together or any signs of rot. Trim off any tree limbs that are too close to where your swing will be hanging.

Once you have chosen the tree species for your tree swing, it is time to pick out a tree swing. Tree swings are available from sporting goods stores or online at Amazon.

Our Top 3 Swings

Here are our top 3 swings for your backyard:

Treeswin Saucer Tree Swing

The Treeswin Saucer Tree Swing is the perfect way to enjoy some quality time outdoors. This saucer swing can accommodate up to 800 pounds, making it ideal for families or groups of friends. The waterproof fabric and durable steel frame make this swing perfect for any weather conditions, while the thick swing straps provide added stability and safety.

This amazing swing includes everything you need for quick and easy installation and is built to last with its durable construction. Whether you’re looking to relax in your backyard or have some fun on a warm summer day, the Treeswin Saucer Tree Swing is perfect for anyone and everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Get outside and start swinging!

What we like:

  • Large size 46 Inch
  • 800 lb Weight Capacity
  • Waterproof Fabric
  • Includes hanging kit
  • Easy to install

PELLOR Wood Tree Swing Seat

This amazing swing seat is made from high quality natural wood material, and can support up to 220 lbs, making it perfect for both kids and adults. The non-slip ridged seat and raised sides provide a comfortable and safe ride, while the 17.7 inch length and 7.9 inch width make it easy to grip.

This sturdy, durable seat is a great value for the money and easy to install. It’s the perfect addition to any backyard, and kids will love spending hours swinging on it.

So why not add a little adventure to your life with the PELLOR Wood Tree Swing Seat?

What we like:

  • Natural wood material
  • Classic look
  • 220 lb weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble & install

Swurfer The Original Tree Swing

The Swurfer The Original Tree Swing is the perfect way to enjoy your backyard! Made from sustainable materials, this swing is carefully made by professionals and hand-finished for lasting quality. It’s weather resistant so you can enjoy it any time of year, and the adjustable handles make it versatile for all ages.

This swing is easy to assemble and install and comes with everything you need to get started. Plus, it’s backed by a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re making a wise investment. The Swurfer is sturdy and durable, with a 200 lb weight capacity, making it perfect for both kids and adults.

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So whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend some time outdoors or want to add a little excitement to your next family gathering, the Swurfer The Original Tree Swing is a great choice!

What we like:

  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Can be use sitting or standing up
  • Adjustable handles for safety
  • 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy assembly & installation

What Materials Will I Need?

The materials needed to hang a tree swing will depend on the tree swing that you choose. If you are using a treehouse-style tree swing, then you may not even have to get any extra materials for your tree swing.

This type of tree swing will hang from a tree branch and does not need extra support like rope or chains.

But if you opt to go with a tree swing that uses chains or ropes to support it, you may have to get tree house rope and tree climbing chain as well.

For tree swings that use a tree climbing chain as its primary tree support, you will need at least two lengths of tree climbing chain measuring about 6 feet in length each. This can be purchased from most local hardware stores. You can also find tree climbing chains online through sites like

How Do I Hang A Swing Between Two Trees?

Now that you have your tree swing material, it is time to get started. First, if there is a tree climbing chain involved you will want to attach the tree climbing chain to the tree first. This tree-to-tree support can be attached by drilling bolts into the tree trunks and then connecting tree climbing chain links together with carabiners.

Complete tree-to-tree attachment should be done at tree heights under 8 feet. This will provide ample tree swing clearance for children while still being safe enough from tree branches that could get in the way.

Try to avoid using metal bolts or nails when drilling into tree trunks as tree bark is quite sensitive and could be damaged by metal tree swing attaching bolts.

It is important to leave the bolts or nails alone after they are sunken into the tree as this will allow the tree to heal around the nail or bolt.

Now that the tree swing attachment is complete, it’s time to put up tree swing chains.

Bonus Tip: For an extra level of support, try to find a spot where a limb comes off of the trunk. Place the chains above the tree limb and this will help prevent the chains from sliding down the tree trunk.

How Do I Put Up The Tree Swing?

Now that you have attached tree swing chains to your tree, it is time to put up the rest of your tree swing.

To hang a swing between two trees, attach one end of your swing chains or rope to the end of the tree climbing chains using carabiners.

Make sure that you allow for some clearance between the two trees as you do not want to hang your tree swing too close to either of the trees. This will ensure ample room for swinging.

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After the rope or chain is secured to tree climbing chains, the next step is to tie one end of your rope or chain to the tree swing.

Make sure that you leave enough rope or chain to attach the tree swing to the other end of your swing chains.

When hanging a tree swing between two trees, it is best practice to tie knots in both ends of a rope or chain and secure them with carabiners so that they are easier to untie later on.

Now that all your tree swing parts are secured to the tree, you can adjust how high you want your swing to hang.

Now that the basic structure of the tree swing has been done it is time to add an optional seat and back support for added comfort. This step also provides more safety against potential falling out of the swing from children sitting on it.

How Do I Secure The Tree Swing To The Trees?

Once tree climbing tree swing support is complete, it is time to secure the tree swing itself. For tree swings that use tree house ropes or cables, this will not be necessary. These tree swings are much simpler to set up and do not require any further tree arm attachments for safety purposes.

If you have tree swing chains or tree climbing ropes that connect tree to tree you will have to use tree arm attachments that prevent the tree swing from swinging too much in any one direction.

Some tree swings come with tree attachment components included, but if you purchased yours separately then it is important to get these now and set them up before the tree swing itself.

Are Tree Swings Dangerous?

Tree swings are not dangerous if you do the proper planning and buy the correct materials to safely make the tree swing. It also helps if you hang them between two strong trees. The trees should be in a state of good health and free of any diseases that could cause the tree to rot.

What Are Tree Swings Made From?

Tree swings are most often made from rope or chains. The rope is good because it is durable and flexible, but can be dangerous if used improperly. Chains on the other hand are more sturdy than tree swing ropes, but they tend to be a bit heavier than ropes.


Here are some common questions about tree swings:

What Kind Of Rope Should I Use For A Tree Swing?

For a tree swing that will be used by children, opt for a durable rope. If you want to get fancy with your tree swing and use chains instead of ropes, then go ahead. You can use decorative metal chains if that is what you prefer.

What Size Rope Do I Need for A Tree Swing?

The smallest diameter rope that you should use for your tree swing should be 1/2″. This size rope is easy to grip in your hands and strong enough to support the weight of the person on the swing.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a great thing to add to your backyard design, it is definitely a tree swing. They are fun for kids to play on and can really add some character to your property. Just be sure to do your research and buy the correct materials so that you can safely install it without damaging the tree.

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