Brazilian Starfish


Unique, star-shaped fruits are of variable heat, sometimes exceeding that of jalapenos, yet juicy and often quite sweet. (Carefully removing the seeds eliminates most of the heat as well.) Curious-looking fruits reach 2″ in width, ripening to brilliant red at maturity. Plants are vigorous and unusual, having an almost weeping, vine-like habit. Slow to yield but, by the end of the season, amazingly prolific. The species originated in Peru, but this variety was domesticated in Brazil.  10 Seeds.


Indoors- 12 weeks before last frost, 1/4” deep with soil temperatures 75 degrees. Liquid fertilize seedlings every 7-10 days. Transplant out 24” apart after last frost when soil is 55-60 degrees and night temperatures are over 45 degrees.

Harvest- When fruit is red (or color of the variety planted) and firm.
Tips- Plant in fertile soil, amended with compost, mulch and provide even moisture. Apply a light compost tea every few weeks. Do not apply excessive nitrogen, which can promote excessive foliage and poor fruit set.



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