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Food Foraging – The 20 most common native edible plants that you can forage.

Food foraging is one of the most basic homesteading or survival skills that anyone can have.  There are several different edible wild foods that you can find literally in your backyard that you can eat.  Guess what – they actually taste great!

We have put together this book detailing 20 of the most common edible wild foods that you can forage right in your backyard.  They can be used in a variety of ways in cooking and for medicinal purposes.

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Food Foraging EBook: The 20 most common native edible plants you can forage

What is food foraging? Well, it is a simple concept really.  The idea of foraging for food has been around forever.  It is “finding and harvesting food from the wild” and for thousands of years, people have been eating off the land to survive.  If you think back to what we have learned over the years about how the Native Americans hunted and gathered their food, it is what we now describe as foraging.  Food Foraging is in our blood! Use our Food Foraging EBook for ideas on some of the edible wild plants that you can harvest.

Food foraging is searching for edible wild plants that can be harvested and eaten.  This can include searching for mushrooms, picking everyone’s favorite – dandelion or even harvesting fallen pecans from local trees.

There are literally thousands of different types of edible things in the wild that are incredibly good for you and can even boast medicinal properties as an added bonus.

Read more about Food Foraging here!

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