Purple Tree Collard Cuttings


Purple Tree Collard

Tree collard greens are tender and delicious in cool weather, so they are a good choice for a low-maintenance winter vegetable in mild climates.  High-yielding year-round. This plant makes a thick stalk that will branch and crawl around, or can be trimmed to a single “trunk” and staked.

They are always perennial in zones 8-10. In zone 7, they are normally perennial except in very prolonged cold spells, or if freeze/thaw conditions prevent drainage around the roots.

They can be grown as annuals in colder regions.  If you have established plants, you could try taking cuttings as winter begins and rooting them indoors for planting out the following spring.  They would need a greenhouse, very sunny window, or other well-lighted place.

We offer these in sets of two cuttings with instructions for rooting them.

We cannot guarantee that both cuttings will survive; conditions while in route or in your own area may keep them from being successful.

We offer 2 cuttings that can be easily rooted.  Instructions will be included on how to root them.

HEIGHT: 7+ Feet EXPOSURE: · Full Sun · Partial Sun ZONE: 7-11

Plants will ship as available after the first of October. No guaranteed delivery dates. No orders shipped outside of the USA.


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