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    Raised Beds

    How to Start Square Foot Gardening

    Have you ever wanted to grow a large vegetable garden but don’t have acres of land to work with? Most gardeners don’t know that you can grow a ton of veggies in a small amount of space using the Square Foot Gardening method. This method is one of the easiest ways to grow a herb and vegetable garden in a raised bed. Below you will find helpful instructions on How to Start Square Foot Gardening. How to Start Square Foot Gardening First, you need a raised bed. Using 6-inch wide lumber works the best, but any material can be used. Make sure to put down a weed barrier so weeds and grass don’t grow…

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    How to Grow

    How to Grow Zucchini

    There is always a variety of different plants growing in my garden each spring but only a few are as much fun as growing Zucchini which makes it a favorite with home gardeners everywhere. A healthy zucchini plant can produce a huge harvest each year, and many people end up trying to give away their extra zucchini because they have so much of it. There are a couple different growth habits; you can grow either bush or vining zucchini.  The bush varieties are usually more popular in the home garden because the amount of space that they take up versus the vining varieties that can easily take over your garden. …