How to get started Homesteading today

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How to get started Homesteading today 1

So you’ve chosen that homesteading sounds good to you, now what? How would can you decrease your reliance on the emotionally supportive networks of modern society? Start homesteading today! The principal question to ask yourself is why do I want to homestead? Know your inspiration. Much the same as perusing a destination, you need to […]

The Top Homesteading Skills that you need to know

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What ever happened to all of the things our grandparents used to do? ┬áThere are many skills our grandparents had that have been lost today. Various homesteading skills are lost on the modern city dweller. Providing food and water for yourself are absolutely crucial. Knowing things like how to collect and purify water, from any […]

Backyard Duck Basics

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Every homestead should have some poultry. Whether you are living out your dream on a homestead of twenty acres or on an urban homestead, you need to consider poultry as a great option for you. Chickens have been a favorite for many farmers and homesteaders over the years for the source of homegrown meat and […]