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If you have been looking for the perfect chili recipe for your big game party, then look no further!  This coming Sunday is the Superbowl, the Big Game, the culmination of an entire season of football and everyone is having a party.

Here’s the Best Turkey Chili Recipe!

In the United States, we love getting together with our friends and family to celebrate all sorts of events.  What does everyone want when we get together? –Food!  We want to eat when we get together.  Superbowl Sunday is the second largest food day for Americans, only second to Thanksgiving!

Your big game party would not be complete without a big bowl of chili with some amazing toppings.  This is how we do chili in our house.



In addition to this great recipe, if you like your chili spicy then add in some diced jalapenos when cooking your onions.  This recipe is great for the whole family!  You also have some amazing options for toppings to kick it up a notch.
Make this chili for your big game day and score a touchdown with your fans!

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