What’s happening?



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What’s happening?

You have probably been asking the question, what’s happening or where is John from Backyard Eden? Well, to all of our subscribers here at Backyard Eden: I have been away for a long time taking care of some family business.  Because of this not much has been going on here on the backyard farm. This time of year is always such a busy time in our home with the start of school, sports starting back up and prepping for the fall vegetable patch.  What makes it worse is the fact that summer is winding down and we are left trying to get everything done.

Everyone in our house goes to school, my daughter is ten years old so she just started the fifth grade, my wife and I are both full time college students at Liberty University, so naturally the last few weeks have been super busy.

With all of this going on you would think that we are busy enough but we have become foster parents.  My wife and I have felt strongly about it for a number of years and finally decided that now was a great time to start that journey.  Currently, we have two adorable little boys ages four, five and a six month old baby girl.  This ups our family total from three to six and we absolutely love it.  My wife has a large family and I have always wanted one.

On to the Garden

Changes are on the horizon for the Backyard Eden veggie patch as fall gets closer.  I have been hard at work over the last few days trying to get the garden ready for planting, clearing out the summer garden and trying to plan the fall garden.  As always I have decided to be very ambitious with our fall garden plans so there are many updates to come.  Here is a sample of articles to come:

  1. How to grow Radishes
  2. How to grow Broccoli
  3. How to grow and eat from your garden daily
  4. Simple DIY: Kitchen Herb Garden


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Also to come

We will also be sharing some of our family adventures, our favorite recipes, tips and tricks and offering up some of our favorite seed varieties from time to time.  Also for day to day updates Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram!

About the author

John grew up on a farm where his family raised chickens, goats, rabbits, and grew a huge garden. John has a family of his own and gardens to know where his food comes from.

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