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    How to mulch with fallen leaves

    How to mulch with fallen leaves Many people see the piles of dropped autumn leaves as a hindrance. This could be due to the work involved raking them up, bagging them and sitting them by the curb for the city to pick up.  So, why do it? Why not use the fallen leaves in a positive way that not only feeds the soil in your garden but also feeds you in the long run? Read on to learn how to mulch with fallen leaves! How to mulch with fallen leaves: Why? The first question you may be asking is – why should I use leaves in my garden?  It is…

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    Top 4 Tips to build healthy garden soil

    Soil is a blend of organic material, water, air, and minerals. The organic matter comes from plant roots, microorganisms, and decaying plants and animals. When you follow these top 4 tips to build healthy garden soil, you will be pleased with your garden. When the organic material decays it feeds the plants that are growing in the soil. Although organic material makes up only five percent of the soil, it’s the source of the nutrients that plants need to thrive. If your plants are weak and your yield low or if you have major insect and disease problems, it’s likely because your soil lacks adequate nutrients and is either too…