Essential Oils – 3 Methods to use Essential Oils




Essential Oils – 3 Methods to Use Essential Oils

When you find something that works – you want to use it.  That is the way we feel about Essential Oils in our home.  We first tried them out about a year ago and had some immediate success.  We implemented a healthy lifestyle and starting using the essential oils in combination – it has made a huge impact! Here are 3 methods to use essential oils!

If you think that this is something that sounds interesting to you, you should give essential oils a try!

If you don’t know how to use essential oils, don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by how to get started with essential oils. It’s really easy and a lot of fun! Below are a few ways in which you can start using essential oils, and soon you’ll be surprised in how many areas of your life you are able to use your essential oils.

3 Methods To Use Essential Oils

Aromatic: The most common way to utilize essential oils is through aromatherapy, simply smelling the aroma and inhaling it in through your nasal passages and into your lungs. This is a highly effective way to reap the benefits of essential oils.

Aromatherapy can be achieved by simply smelling essential oils from the bottle, using a diffuser, making essential oil sprays and spritzing in your environment or through nasal inhaler.

Topically: The second method is by applying to skin. You can do this neat (undiluted) or by diluting your essential oils first before applying. This method is great for local relief of an aliment or for generalized use.  Applying to the bottom of the feet will get the oils into your bloodstream.

An easy way to apply topically is with roller bottles.  Just add 15-30 drops of your favorite oil or oil blend then fill rest of bottle with carrier oil and roll on where the oil is needed.

Internal: Taking essential oils internally by ingestion can be very effective.  Not all essential oils can be ingested though. Make sure your oils are high quality and labeled for internal use.

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Essential oils can be consumed in vegetable caps, putting in water or other drinks, dropping under tongue or adding into foods.

Are you excited about what you read?  Many people are enjoying the benefits essential oils can provide.  I hope you decide to try essential oils if you haven’t already.

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