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I just wanted to give everyone an idea of what is growing in my February garden right now.  Provided below is a list of plants growing as well as some pictures (either from my garden of plants or pictures from seed companies to show what a plant will look like).  I have approximately 430 sq. ft. of growing place in a combination of raised beds, in-ground patch as well as an edible landscaping area in the front yard.  This amount of space does not include numerous pots or root pouches that will be implemented this season.  I also plan to add two more raised beds that should add about another 20 sq. ft. which will be dedicated beds.

So here goes:

Calabrese Broccoli- 24 plants

broccoli 1

More Calabrese Broccoli, Rainbow Chard (mature plants as well as some small seedlings for a continual harvest throughout spring and summer.

broccoli & swiss chard

Brussels Sprouts- 18 plants (I went a little crazy…)

brussel sprouts

Early Dutch Cabbage- 7 plants (planted late but look to be heading up nice)

cabbage and brussel sprouts

Curly Kale-30 plants, Cauliflower- 5 plants (do not remember the variety)

cauliflower and broccoli

Swiss Chard- Random colors 10 plants, Red Japanese Mustards-5 plants

Chard, dino kale, red japanese mustards

Dinosaur Kale-20 plants (various stages for a continual harvest throughout spring and summer)

dino kale

dino kale2

I also have a variety of seeds started for spring and summer.  I have them inside under grow lights and then mature pepper plants and eggplants still producing ripe fruits in January in the hoop house (more on that to come.)



seedlings3A couple of January harvest pictures

harvest 2

pepper harvest1

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