Southwest Chicken Alfredo




Southwest Chicken Alfredo, Southwest Chicken Alfredo Recipe, Backyard Eden,, Chicken Alfredo..wait, hear me out.  Who wants to eat the same thing over and over?  — The answer is no-one!  I feel like sometimes when we are going about our week dealing with our busy schedule of softball, blogging or gardening among other things, we can often fall into the habit of eating the same old “go-to” meals

In our house those meals are Spaghetti, Tacos (which I am not too sure you can ever have enough), Sloppy Joes, meatloaf and too many other choices to list. Don’t get me wrong–we love our favorites but sometimes we want to try new things.

So, we love trying to find new and interesting recipes to try from Pinterest (If you are not following me on Pinterest, take a second and follow me) or other sites and then make them our own.

Here is our latest discovery!

If there is two cuisines that our family loves, it would have to be Southwest (or Tex-Mex) and Italian.  So, why not combine the two?  I am sure that I am not the first to do this and will not be the last.  This is our Southwest Chicken Alfredo.  It is a creamy tomato cream sauce with corn to give it some depth, topped with chicken seasoned with taco seasoning and a pepper-corn relish.  It is fresh, light and full of flavor. We absolutely love this recipe!  I hope you do too.





Crowd Pleaser

Winner, winner–chicken dinner!  Too corny..In all seriousness, it was delicious.

We are a big family with 5 kids.  When everyone cleans their plate and asks for seconds, you know that the dinner was a success.  This recipe fed our seven people that includes: two adults and 5 kids.

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