How to heat a greenhouse using thermal mass

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How to heat a greenhouse using thermal mass The main challenge with greenhouse growing is maintaining the temperature swings that we face. The most common way people do this by using energy via heating or cooling systems into the greenhouse. But the better, more sustainable way of managing a stable greenhouse is to use the […]

How to pick the perfect watermelon

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How to pick the perfect watermelon There’s nothing like diving into a huge slice of juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. A wedge of watermelon — straight from the fridge is one of my favorite things. A good watermelon is juicy, sweet, and crisp.  It can be a great way to quench your thirst. […]

How to mulch with fallen leaves

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How to mulch with fallen leaves Many people see the piles of dropped autumn leaves as a hindrance. This could be due to the work involved raking them up, bagging them and sitting them by the curb for the city to pick up.  So, why do it? Why not use the fallen leaves in a […]

How to dry herbs at home

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How to dry herbs at home What is a homemade pasta sauce without some herbs? What is better than home grown herbs?  The answer to both of those questions – nothing!  You can grow delicious herbs at home and preserve them so that you have herbs all throughout the year.  How to dry herbs at […]

How to save tomato seed

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How to save tomato seed There is an unchallenged king in gardens everywhere who’s flavor is outstanding – and that is tomatoes!  Growing the perfect tomato is like searching for the holy grail.  It can often elude gardeners. They have become the fan favorite because of the wide variety of shapes, colors and flavors.  There […]

How to install drip irrigation for fruit trees

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How to install drip irrigation for fruit trees What’s the most important to the survival of your fruit trees?  For me in Texas, it is definitely – water!  Here in Texas we have absolutely brutal summers with highs reaching the triple digits regularly.  It can get as hot as 110 F here on the hottest […]

How to choose your greenhouse

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A greenhouse offers you a way to extend the joy of gardening. Once you are inside, warm and dry, it doesn’t matter if it is windy or rainy outside. Inside this protected environment, plants grow, dependent upon your skill and attention. What do you want in a greenhouse? Once you have decided to build a […]

How to get started Homesteading today

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So you’ve chosen that homesteading sounds good to you, now what? How would can you decrease your reliance on the emotionally supportive networks of modern society? Start homesteading today! The principal question to ask yourself is why do I want to homestead? Know your inspiration. Much the same as perusing a destination, you need to […]

How to Start Square Foot Gardening

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Have you ever wanted to grow a large vegetable garden but don’t have acres of land to work with? Most gardeners don’t know that you can grow a ton of veggies in a small amount of space using the Square Foot Gardening method. This method is one of the easiest ways to grow a herb and vegetable garden […]

Raised bed for under $30!

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How to start a raised bed garden for under $30…is it possible? Absolutely! Do you want to get started gardening but only have a few bucks to put into it? No problem! I will give you all the information you need to start your very own garden for $30 or less. Where to start with […]

How to compost using free local resources

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  There is absolutely no reason to spend large amounts of money on buying compost from the local big box stores, nurseries or trying to make your own. It’s simple if you know how to compost using free local resources. The idea of compost is simple.  It is completely possible to make nutrient dense compost […]

Start seeds indoors

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How to start seeds indoors In this entry we are going to explore how to start seeds indoors to get a jump on your growing season. In our last entry we covered all of the necessary ingredients to start seeds indoors (Starting Seeds Indoors). We also provided an idea as to where to get them and […]