5 Tips for growing Carrots in Raised Beds, Raised Beds, carrots, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/5-tips-for-growing-carrots-in-raised-beds

5 Tips for Growing Carrots in Raised Beds

There is just something about harvesting fresh grown carrots from your home garden.  They are sweeter and more delicious when home grown.  You can grow the best carrots at home in your garden if you follow these 5 tips for growing carrots in raised beds! 5 Tips for Growing Carrots

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How to choose a greenhouse for you, greenhouse, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/how-to-choose-a-greenhouse-for-you

How to choose your greenhouse

A greenhouse offers you a way to extend the joy of gardening. Once you are inside, warm and dry, it doesn’t matter if it is windy or rainy outside. Inside this protected environment, plants grow, dependent upon your skill and attention. What do you want in a greenhouse? Once you

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Advantages of using hydroponics, hydroponics, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/advantages-to-using-hydroponics

Advantages of using hydroponics

So, you have decided to grow a garden this year? Awesome! Everyone should be growing their own food!  Before you go spending a lot of money unnecessarily, you should take a look at all of the advantages of using hydroponics. Advantages of using hydroponics What is hydroponics? Hydroponic gardening is

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What are microgreens, growing microgreens, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/what-are-microgreens

What are Microgreens

We all love a great salad, right? I definitely do! I love being able to pick fresh leaves from the garden to make a quick salad for lunch.  What about flavor?  I love plants that pack a punch of flavor in my food.  Can food like that be grown indoors

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How to grow zucchini vertically, How to grow zucchini, vertical gardening, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/how-to-grow-zucchini-vertically

How to grow Zucchini Vertically

If you want to start a vertical garden, learning to how to grow zucchini could be the first step to do so. Not only does Zucchini grow nicely into a vine, it doesn’t take too much trouble to grow as well. Read on to learn how to grow zucchini vertically!

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10 crops that you should direct sow in your garden, direct sow. planting a garden, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/10-crops-that-you-should-direct-sow-in-your-garden

10 Crops that you should direct sow in your garden

Each and every year at this time, if our growing season is over we start to plan our next spring garden. I constantly hear people talking about when and how to start their seeds indoors.  The thing that a lot of people do not know is that there are many

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Easy Slow Cooker Eggplant Parmesan, Eggplant Parmesan, Slow Cooker, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/easy-slow-cooker-eggplant-parmesan

Slow Cooker Eggplant Parmesan

When you go out to eat now a days, there is not much to choose from.  You of course have all of the fast food places, but who wants to eat that all the time?  I definitely don’t!  It actually makes me feel sick to look at some of the

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How to grow blueberries in pots, container blueberries, how to grow blueberries, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/how-to-grow-blueberries-in-pots

How to grow Blueberries in pots

There is nothing better than growing your own fruit at home in your very own garden. Just think about it, you wake up in the morning and go out to harvest your very own blueberries.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Yes!  Blueberries can be easy to grow in you have some

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How to root a tomato sucker, rooting tomato suckers, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/how-to-root-a-tomato-sucker

How to root a tomato sucker

The key is to start early, and take cuttings when the plant is still healthy.  Within several weeks, you will have new tomato plants.  Cloning tomato plants from suckers is quicker than starting a new crop from seed. Here is how to root a tomato sucker! What is a tomato

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What is hydropnic gardening, hydroponic gardening, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/what-is-hydroponic-gardening

What is Hydroponic Gardening

What is Hydroponic Gardening? Hydroponic gardening is a type of gardening where you grow plants without using soil. In hydroponics, plants are grown in water-based solutions. The solutions contain the necessary nutrients for plants to grow and to produce fresh food. Generally, you grow hydroponic plants directly in the nutrient

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How to incorporate vegetable plants into your landscaping, landscaping with vegetables, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/how-to-incorporate-vegetable-plants-into-your-landscaping

How to Use Vegetables in Landscaping

It’s not surprising that many people are opting to grow their own vegetables, especially since the food prices continue to rise. Many gardeners find themselves planting and tending to various plants and flowers, so why not add vegetable plants into the mix also. It is easy to mix edibles into

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How to grow great Asparagus, grow Asaparagus, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/how-to-grow-great-asparagus

How to grow great Asparagus

If you love fresh, succulent spears of asparagus but don’t want to pay the price they want at the grocery store. You should consider growing your own! Unlike most vegetables, asparagus is a perennial plant – one planting will return year after year, and a well-tended bed can produce an

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Using seed tape to get the perfect garden spacing, seed tape, using seed tape, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/using-seed-tape-to-get-the-perfect-garden-spacing

Using seed tape to get the perfect garden spacing

How many times have you planted a handful of tiny seeds — onions and carrots or even herbs like basil!  Have you sown a row of tiny seeds, only to end up thinning out over half the seedlings? Using seed tape to get the perfect garden spacing will reduce the work

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Top 4 Tips to build healthy garden soil, build healthy soil, soil, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/top-4-tips-to-build-healthy-garden-soil

Top 4 Tips to build healthy garden soil

Soil is a blend of organic material, water, air, and minerals. The organic matter comes from plant roots, microorganisms, and decaying plants and animals. When you follow these top 4 tips to build healthy garden soil, you will be pleased with your garden. When the organic material decays it feeds

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How to amend clay soil, clay soil, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/how-to-amend-clay-soil

How to amend clay soil

Gardening can be difficult when your garden is mostly clay soil. Clay soil is challenging because it is dense and holds a lot of moisture. It looks like nothing would grow in it. Most people blame the builders for removing the quality soil during the home construction. However, with a

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What is Urban Homesteading, urban homesteading, homesteading, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/what-is-Urban-Homesteading

What is Urban Homesteading

\If you live in a city and dream of someday being able to work the land and become a urban homesteader, consider this: There’s no need to wait — you can easily do many homesteading activities in the city. You may not have enough garden space to grow your own wheat

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Chicken Soup with avocado and lime, chicken soup recipe, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/chicken-soup-with-avocado-and-lime

Chicken Soup with Avocado and Lime

How many times have you tried a chicken soup recipe only to find that it was plain and unsatisfying?  I have tried tons of recipes! To me, nothing I like more than a big bowl of chicken soup on a cool fall night with the family.  We have tried literally

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Chicken Broth Recipe, chicken broth, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com,www.backyard-eden.com/chicken-broth-recipe

The Perfect Chicken Broth Recipe

The soul of any soup is its stock. If you have a bland stock or broth you will have a bland soup, no matter how good the other ingredients are. Who wants to eat a bland soup? No one! This incredibly flavorful Chicken Broth Recipe will take any soup to

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What is succession planting, succession planting, succession cropping, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/what-is-succession-planting

What is succession planting

’Growing a backyard garden can be a challenge when dealing with limited space. The solution is easy! There is a method known as succession planting and it is the most effective and efficient way to resolve this problem. With a little planning you can have enough time to plant two or

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