How to grow garlic in pots

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Why grow your own garlic? It is easy to just buy it at the market.  Homegrown garlic is delicious!  Once you have grown your own, you will never buy it again!  You can easily grow it at home by learning how to grow garlic in pots! A little about Garlic Garlic has a reputation for […]

5 Ways to be Frugal with your container garden

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So you want to have your very own vegetable container garden? Are you concerned with the start up costs? Is it worth it?  Absolutely! Here are 5 ways to be frugal with your container garden. Before you know it, you’ll be a frugal vegetable container gardening guru! 5 Ways to be Frugal with your Container […]

How to pick the perfect avocado

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Isn’t it frustrating to cut into an avocado only to find a brown, slimy mess inside? This can be very disappointing! We love avocados and use them all the time.  If you are like us, then you need to learn how to pick the perfect avocado. I cannot tell you how many times that we […]

The 9 Salad Greens that every gardener should grow

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Creating a salad that’s bursting with flavor and color is an art, but since most salad greens and enhancements go well together, it’s hard to go wrong. Here is our list of the 9 Salad Greens that every gardener should grow! Most seed companies now carry a wide range of mixes and individual species and varieties that take […]

7 Quick Growing Veggies To Plant in your Garden

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So everyone else started planting their vegetable garden months ago, and you’re a little behind—but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for grocery store veggies. You can still reap a tasty harvest if you plant these 7 Quick Growing Veggies in your garden. So gather up your seeds, prep your soil, and watch your garden come […]

The Top 10 Organic Gardening Tips

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The Top 10 Organic Gardening Tips Do you want to start organic gardening? Do you want to be successful at it? We’re here to help!  Here is our Top 10 Organic Gardening Tips! Tip #1 Start with a good organic soil. The soil is the foundation of any garden and a healthy, organic soil means […]

How to start your very own vegetable garden

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How to start your very own vegetable garden

How to start your very own vegetable garden can be daunting to a beginner. We’ve been there! I’m going to guide you through the process and get you through this. So if you want to grow you own vegetable garden then you are in luck! How to start your very own vegetable garden is easy […]

The Top 7 Container Gardening Tips

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Have you wanted to start a garden, but concerned you don’t think you have the space?  Container gardening is a great way to be able to garden in small apartments or homes that have little to no yard. Additionally, plants in containers can be used to enhance your garden, porch or patio. They offer great […]

What is vertical gardening

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Have you ever dreamed of harvesting your own fruit and vegetables, fresh from the garden? Instead of buying bland store-bought vegetables, you can enjoy delicious home-grown food.  Vertical gardening can be the solution you have been looking for! What if you could harvest fresh vegetables right from your very own garden by growing vertically. You […]

What is Container Gardening

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Throughout the world people are picking up a shovel and trying their hand at gardening.  They are tilling up their yards and planting crops as well as using container gardening to help feed their family. What about people who rent or live in apartments? With container gardening, they can garden too! Many of us like […]

Seed Starting Mix

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Starting plants from seed is fun, and it’s also a huge money saver. When I talk about starting seeds indoors, one of the first questions new gardeners ask me is about the best seed starting mix to use. This is a very important question, because the type of soil you use to start your seeds […]

How much to plant

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One of the most commonly asked questions among new gardeners is “how much to plant” of a particular plant in order to have a good harvest.  How many bush beans should I plant if I want to put up green beans for the winter? How many tomato plants will give me enough to make tomato […]

How to propagate Rosemary

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How to propagate Rosemary A rooted rosemary plant from a cutting will mature quicker than a plant started from seed.  The plant will reach a usable size in just a few months so you will be able to harvest rosemary sooner to use in cooking.  The rosemary plant you will grow from cuttings will be […]

7 Ways to Conserve Water

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One of the most important things that we can try to do is conserve resources. There are a number of different resources that we should be trying to conserve but, water is the most valuable and scarce resource. It’s important for sustaining both the life in the world, and in your garden. It’s a precious thing […]

How to Start Square Foot Gardening

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Have you ever wanted to grow a large vegetable garden but don’t have acres of land to work with? Most gardeners don’t know that you can grow a ton of veggies in a small amount of space using the Square Foot Gardening method. This method is one of the easiest ways to grow a herb and vegetable garden […]