Raised bed for under $30!

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How to start a raised bed garden for under $30…is it possible? Absolutely! Do you want to get started gardening but only have a few bucks to put into it? No problem! I will give you all the information you need to start your very own garden for $30 or less. Where to start with […]

Double Digging

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Double Digging, How to double dig your beds, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com

Want a super productive garden this year? The super simple method of double digging can help you turn a productive garden into a super productive garden.  If you have an area of soil that you want to turn into a garden bed with deep, loose soil, then you’ll need to put in some elbow grease and […]

Best Herbs to Grow in your Garden

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Best herbs to grow in your garden, grow herbs, best herbs, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/best-herbs-to-grow

There are literally thousands of different things that you can grow in your backyard veggie patch but none of them will grow quite as well as Herbs.  Most of the Herbs that you can buy in the store are very easy to grow in your garden. Nothing is better than going out and picking some […]

How to Grow Basil

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How to grow Basil, growing basil, growing herbs, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/how-to-grow-basil

Growing a garden is one of my favorite things to do and my garden would not be complete without my herbs.  An herb garden would not be complete without some Basil.  Here is how to grow Basil! There is nothing better then walking out the backdoor and harvesting some fresh herbs to season your food. […]

How to compost using free local resources

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How to compost using free local resources, compost, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com

  There is absolutely no reason to spend large amounts of money on buying compost from the local big box stores, nurseries or trying to make your own. It’s simple if you know how to compost using free local resources. The idea of compost is simple.  It is completely possible to make nutrient dense compost […]

Compost: Black gold?

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Compost: The Black Gold of Urban Farming, Compost, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com

Compost: Black Gold? In our world today we have many different opportunities to go green. We can use solar energy to power our homes, drive hybrid cars, re-purpose old things to give them new life and even live in tiny homes.  One of the most over-looked ways to go green is the practice of composting. […]

Top 5 Weeds to grow

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The Top 5 Weeds to grow

The Top 5 Weeds to Grow As gardeners we spend a ton of time and money putting together our space, resources and energy to create a garden.  We have plans on exactly how we want to plant out our garden to get the most out of our gardens.  I want to challenge your way of […]

Planning your Garden Pt: 2

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Spring is just around the corner for many of us.  Soon the snow will be melting away to expose the rested soil that is underneath teeming with life.  The soil will thaw out, seeds will burst from their sleep and break through the ground.  We all get excited about this time of year after we […]