Chive Blossom Oil and Vinegar Recipe




Chive Blossom Oil and Vinegar Recipe

Chives are one of the best herbs to grow in your garden.  In addition to being incredibly beautiful and beneficial, they are easy to grow.  They should be in every backyard garden. They are perennial, meaning that they come back on their own each year, and are one of the first plants to sprout in the spring.  Our chives produce blossoms all year – so we have to find ways to use them.  We use them in salads for a pop of flavor and color.  We also decided to make a chive blossom oil and vinegar with them – that turned out great!

Chive Blossoms – really?

Chive blossoms have a subtle onion flavor that can be added to just about any dish.  I really like to add them into salads, biscuits, compound butters, or any other way you would normally use chives.  Even though they are beautiful – they can still pack a punch of flavor.  It’s best to chop them up so that you can add as much as you would like.

Chive Blossom Oil and Vinegar: How to make

Gather all of your chive flowers and separate the blossoms from the stalks.

I always give them a quick rinse as to make sure there is no bugs or anything else on them.

You can use the stems as well as the blossoms in this delicious chive blossom oil and vinegar recipe.  Simply mince the stems if you are planning on using them.

I generally make two jars at a time.  I like to fill the two jars with about half full of blossoms and stems.  You can use all blossoms and forget about the stems if you’d like or

Add oil to the jar with the stems and vinegar to the jar with blossoms only. I like to use extra virgin olive oil and whit balsamic vinegar.

Put them in a dark place to infuse for about 2 weeks.  Some recipes say to put them in direct sunlight, but I prefer the darkness to avoid rancidity.

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When they are finished infusing, the vinegar will be a lovely shade of pink and the oil will smell super chive-tasticYes! That’s a real word – well maybe not, but you get the picture!

Strain out the chive blossoms and stems and store in a dark place.

Now, what to do with this fantastic chive oil and vinegar?  Use as you would any oil or vinegar normally when a kick of chives would be beneficial.  Use on salads, pasta, pizza, or in stir fries.  Probably the most logical way to use them is to make a homemade salad dressing, so that’s what I did.  I followed a recipe for a homemade balsamic vinaigrette that can be made in a jar. I substituted this chive vinegar for the basalmic, and the chive oil for the oil.  It turned out truly amazing!

This is probably one of the best salad dressings I have ever had.  I added a few minced fresh chives to it as well.  The chive flavor is nice and subtle, not overwhelming like you might think.  Super tasty! So, if you are looking to try something a little different for a change – then this chive blossom oil and vinegar is the thing for you!

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