Luffa Seeds

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The sponge gourd or luffa gourd is not at all well utilized in North America. In Asia, luffas are seriously appreciated vegetables that are very easy to grow and do especially well in hot, humid, or even hot dry climates(with irrigation).

This variety Sujara is a one of those special vegetable type luffas; it is harvested while still green and tender. (This has more to do with maturity than size, as tender ones can still be 12 inches long!) This vegetable is used as one would use zucchini, chayote, or other thick green vegetables. They are great in all Italian dishes and they are extremely disease-resistant plants.

If you have trouble growing zucchinis because of heat and pests, consider growing some luffa vegetables they are delicious. They do particularly well in areas with a long growing season. The vines are happy to climb on old fences, old sheds and even houses!

Contains 25 seeds

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