Top 7 Sweetest Cherry Tomatoes to Grow in your Garden




Top 7 Sweetest Cherry Tomatoes to Grow in your Garden

I get asked all the time, what are the sweetest cherry tomatoes and which ones do I recommend. I grow a ton of cherry tomatoes and enjoy trying out new varieties each year.

Every person will have their own reasons for growing a certain type or variety. For me, its all about sweetness! Here are the Top 7 Sweetest Cherry Tomatoes to grow in your garden!

7 Sweetest Cherry Tomatoes

  1. Sun Gold
  2. Sun Sugar
  3. Black Cherry
  4. Rapunzel
  5. Blueberries
  6. Sweet Million
  7. Sakura

Determinate or Indeterminate

One of the main things you need to keep in mind when choosing tomato varieties is whether or not they are Determinate and Indeterminate. For those who don’t know, what’s the difference? Well, let me explain!

Determinate plants and varieties are ideal for those who want to grow a small garden in containers with limited space.

These types of plants produce all their fruit at one time, so planting them close together is not recommended unless you’re planning on using the fruits as ingredients for sauces or such.

Indeterminate varieties of tomatoes grow and fruit throughout the whole season, making them perfect for a continuous supply on your table. You can grow these types of tomatoes on a trellis or a tomato cage to keep them tidy.

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They do require more space and care than determinant types but are worth it when you don’t want to wait!

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Cherry Tomatoes are so colorful and abundant.

Heirloom or Hybrid

The flavor of these heirloom plants is worth the trade-off. You may also find that they are more susceptible to diseases and more finicky than their hybrid counterparts which can be helpful for those who have a hard time keeping them alive in spite of all your best efforts.

For novice gardeners, hybrid varieties are a good place to start and can offer disease resistance. However, they’re not just for beginners; I recommend growing heirlooms as well!

Added Benefits

There are other added benefits of growing cherry tomatoes in your garden. They produce earlier than the larger tomatoes so you have fresh ones sooner, and they do better during hot weather!

We live in Zone 8-a where we experience some incredibly hot temperatures throughout our summers, but these little fruits just keep on going to set new flowers and fruit for us!

Top 7 Sweetest Cherry Tomatoes to Grow

Sun Gold

Indeterminate Hybrid. The perfect, bite-size golden beauty with an overabundance of juicy fruits that will hold their oh so sweet and fresh from the vine flavor.

Very early, heavy cropper both outdoors and in greenhouses.

Large cascading trusses are covered in fruit ready to be picked time after time for a never-ending supply of tasty treats!

It comes in at 9.3 on the Brix scale. It also has good resistance to the tobacco mosaic virus.

All of these things make this a must grow in my garden each and every year.

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Sun Sugar

Indeterminate Hybrid. The ultimate cherry tomato, very sweet and tangy. These tomatoes are about 1/2 ounce in weight with thin skin that is surprisingly impermeable to cracking.

The plant produces these fruits early on so you can have them all season long without any breaks in production!

Black Cherry

Indeterminate Heirloom. Black cherries are large, dark purple-brown grapes with a rich flavor and incredible sweetness. Vines produce lots of tomatoes that have an amazing unique taste.

I grow these every year in my backyard container garden. I will usually plant them in a 7-10 gallon grow bag and give them some support. They produce very well for me and they taste great.

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Indeterminate Hybrid. The early maturing plant produces crazy yields of ¾ to 1 oz bright red cherry tomatoes. They are sweet, juicy, and very flavorful; the perfect addition for a fresh salad or vegetable tray!

Grows in clusters up to 40 inches long. Excellent choice for home gardens that produce delicious fruit all summer long – from early spring until frost comes around again in autumn

Blueberries Cherry

Indeterminate. The deep purple color of these cherries has been shown to be the highest in antioxidant content. If you’re a fan of sweet and sour fruits, this is just for you!

The sugar levels are high so eat with caution when serving on its own. It’s best served as an ingredient or part of a dish rather than eaten raw by itself due to its tartness which can overwhelm some people’s taste buds.

sweetest cherry tomatoes

Sweet Million

Indeterminate. The attractive, dark red fruits have an amazing flavor that is best to eat when they are in high yields.

The plants produce these tasty tomatoes with excellent hybrid disease resistance and the trusses of smooth fruit grow on vigorous long vines.

These cherry tomatoes mature early, providing plenty until frost hits your garden!


Indeterminate. Incredible sweetness and flavor in high yields of beautiful red cherry tomatoes.

This variety is a popular favorite amongst farmer’s market growers and tomato enthusiasts alike.

It comes in at 8.8 on the Brix scale for sweetness. It’s also resistant to Fusarium wilt.

What is the sweetest cherry tomato?

The sweetest cherry tomato is the Sun Gold Cherry Tomato as it comes in at 9.3 on the Brix Scale. The Sun Gold is a hybrid cherry tomato that not only has the sweetest flavor but also has very good productivity in the garden.

Are cherry tomatoes sweeter than grape tomatoes?

While grape tomatoes may not taste as sweet or juicy in comparison to cherry tomatoes, there are still many benefits that come with eating them. For instance, they last much longer than other varieties of tomato and can be easily packed for transport without breaking into mushy pieces due to their firm texture.

What is the difference between Sweet 100 and Sweet Million tomatoes?

Sweet Million is an improvement, but the fruit itself will most likely taste and be about as big. Sweet Million has improved resistance to diseases that damage grape crops like cracking or other problems associated with weather conditions in a growing season.

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How do you determine the sweetness of cherry tomatoes?

The sweetness of cherry tomatoes is usually determined by their brix rating, which measures the sugar content in the tomato juice. Higher brix ratings indicate sweeter tomatoes.

What should I consider when choosing a cherry tomato variety for sweetness?

When choosing a variety for sweetness, look for descriptions like “super sweet,” “extra sweet,” or “high brix rating” to ensure you get the sweetest cherry tomatoes for your garden.

How do I grow sweet cherry tomatoes?

Sweet cherry tomatoes thrive in full sun and well-draining soil. Plant them as starter plants or seeds, and make sure to provide support for the vine as they grow.

Which cherry tomato varieties are known for their sweet flavor?

Varieties like Sungold, Super Sweet 100, Sweet 100, and other super sweet cherry tomato varieties are known for their deliciously sweet flavor that appeals to tomato lovers.

What are some of the best-tasting cherry tomatoes available?

Some of the best-tasting cherry tomato varieties include Sungold, Super Sweet 100, Sweet 100, and other heirloom varieties that are prolific and high-yielding.

What are the ideal growing conditions for sweet cherry tomatoes?

Sweet cherry tomatoes thrive in full sun, need well-draining soil, and benefit from regular watering to produce firm, meaty, and sweet tomatoes.

Are there any specific considerations for home gardeners when growing sweet cherry tomatoes?

Home gardeners should be aware of tomato pests and diseases such as nematodes and tomato mosaic virus, and ensure their cherry tomato plants are protected and healthy.

Super Sweet 100 is a popular choice for its prolific and high-yielding nature. The tomatoes are still one of the best-tasting cherry tomatoes available to home gardeners.

How do you describe the flavor of the best-tasting cherry tomatoes?

The best-tasting cherry tomatoes are known for their sweet and tangy flavor with a high degree brix, producing deep red, luscious tomatoes that are perfect for a snack or in salads.

What cherry tomato varieties would make your Sweetest Cherry Tomatoes to grow in your garden list?

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