The 13 Best Tasting Tomatoes for Sandwiches




What are the best tasting tomatoes for sandwiches?

  • Mortgage Lifter Tomato
  • Brandywine
  • Black Krim Tomato
  • Green Zebra
  • Early Girl
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Big Boy
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast
  • Pineapple
  • Amish Paste
  • Costolutto Fiorentino
  • Dr. Wyche’s Yellow
  • German Johnson

As a sandwich aficionado, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect ingredients to make my sandwiches extraordinary. One ingredient that can make or break a sandwich is the tomato. The right tomato can transform a good sandwich into an unforgettable experience, while the wrong one can leave you feeling disappointed.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the 13 best tasting tomatoes for sandwiches that you simply must try. So let’s dive into the world of these delectable delights and find out what makes each one special!

Here is our list of the best tasting tomatoes for sandwiches:

Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes are large, beefsteak-type tomatoes known for their sweet, mild flavor and meaty texture. They are perfect for sandwiches because they have few seeds and produce thick, juicy slices. These tomatoes are deep red in color and can weigh up to 2 pounds each. Their name comes from the story of their developer who used the profits from selling these tomatoes to pay off his mortgage.

Flavor profile

  • Sweet
  • Mild

Best uses in sandwiches

  • BLTs
  • Veggie sandwiches
  • Classic club sandwiches


Brandywine tomatoes are heirloom tomatoes with a rich, full flavor and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. They are large, beefsteak tomatoes with a distinctive pinkish-red color and slightly ribbed appearance. The texture is smooth and juicy, making them an excellent choice for sandwiches.

Brandywine tomatoes are also excellent in salads, pastas, and sauces. They can be eaten raw, cooked or canned. Enjoy the taste of this classic heirloom tomato! Brandywine tomatoes also have a long growing season and are easy to grow in any climate as long as there is plenty of sun and water.

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Flavor profile

  • Rich
  • Full
  • Balanced sweetness and acidity

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Caprese sandwiches
  • Tomato and mozzarella sandwiches
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato

Black Krim Tomato

Black Krim tomatoes originate from the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine and are known for their striking dark purple color, which almost appears black. They have a smoky, slightly salty flavor, and their rich, complex taste pairs well with various sandwich ingredients. These medium-sized, beefsteak tomatoes have a dense, juicy texture.

Flavor profile

  • Smoky
  • Slightly salty
  • Rich and complex

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Turkey and avocado sandwiches
  • Prosciutto and brie sandwiches
  • Roast beef sandwiches with horseradish

Green Zebra

Green Zebra tomatoes are small to medium-sized tomatoes with a unique green and yellow-striped appearance. They have a zesty, tangy flavor with a hint of sweetness, making them an exciting addition to sandwiches. Their firm, crisp texture provides a nice contrast to softer sandwich ingredients.

Flavor profile

  • Zesty
  • Tangy
  • Hint of sweetness

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Pesto and goat cheese sandwiches
  • Veggie and hummus sandwiches
  • Tuna salad sandwiches
best tasting tomatoes for sandwiches

Early Girl

Early Girl tomatoes are medium-sized, round tomatoes known for their early harvest and reliable yields. They have a classic tomato flavor with a good balance of sweetness and acidity. Their firm texture and uniform size make them an excellent choice for slicing and adding to sandwiches.

Flavor profile

  • Classic tomato flavor
  • Balanced sweetness and acidity

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Turkey and provolone sandwiches
  • Ham and Swiss sandwiches
  • Veggie wraps with tomato

Cherokee Purple

Cherokee Purple tomatoes are heirloom tomatoes with a deep, dusky purple color and a rich, complex flavor profile. They have a sweet, smoky taste with a hint of earthiness, making them a unique and delicious addition to sandwiches. These beefsteak tomatoes have a dense, juicy texture and can be quite large, providing hearty slices for sandwiches.

Flavor profile

  • Sweet
  • Smoky
  • Earthy

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Roasted vegetable sandwiches
  • Smoked gouda and avocado sandwiches
  • BBQ chicken sandwiches
best tasting tomatoes for sandwiches

Big Boy

Big Boy tomatoes are large, beefsteak-type tomatoes known for their impressive size and classic tomato flavor. They have a bright red color and a smooth, juicy texture, making them ideal for sandwich slices. Their well-balanced taste, combining sweetness and acidity, complements a variety of sandwich ingredients.

Flavor profile

  • Classic tomato flavor
  • Well-balanced sweetness and acidity

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Chicken salad sandwiches
  • Meatball subs
  • Grilled panini with tomato and mozzarella

Kellogg’s Breakfast

Kellogg’s Breakfast tomatoes are a vibrant orange, beefsteak-type tomato with a sweet, fruity flavor. They have a smooth, meaty texture and are relatively low in acidity, making them a popular choice for those who prefer a sweeter tomato. Their large size and colorful appearance make them a striking addition to sandwiches.

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Flavor profile

  • Sweet
  • Fruity
  • Low acidity

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches
  • Turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches
  • Grilled halloumi and spinach sandwiches


Pineapple tomatoes are large, yellow tomatoes with red streaks, giving them a visually appealing, marbled appearance. They have a sweet, fruity flavor with a hint of tropical pineapple taste. These beefsteak tomatoes have a firm, meaty texture, making them perfect for sandwich slices.

Flavor profile

  • Sweet
  • Fruity
  • Hint of pineapple

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Hawaiian-style sandwiches with ham and pineapple
  • Provolone and roast beef sandwiches
  • Veggie burgers with pineapple salsa

Amish Paste

Amish Paste tomatoes are an heirloom variety with a deep red color and an elongated, somewhat cylindrical shape. They are primarily known as a paste tomato for making sauces, but their meaty texture and rich, sweet flavor also make them an excellent choice for sandwiches.

Flavor profile

  • Rich
  • Sweet

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Italian subs with salami and provolone
  • Chicken Parmesan sandwiches
  • Caponata and mozzarella sandwiches

Costolutto Fiorentino

Costolutto Fiorentino tomatoes are an Italian heirloom variety known for their heavily ribbed, scalloped appearance and intense, slightly acidic flavor. They have a rich, deep red color and a firm, meaty texture, making them an excellent choice for sandwiches. Their distinctive shape and bold flavor make them a unique addition to any sandwich.

Flavor profile

  • Intense
  • Slightly acidic

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Italian deli sandwiches with cured meats
  • Sausage and pepper sandwiches
  • Mozzarella, basil, and balsamic sandwiches
best tasting tomatoes for sandwiches

Dr. Wyche’s Yellow

Dr. Wyche’s Yellow tomatoes are a bright yellow, heirloom variety with a sweet, fruity flavor and a hint of citrus. These medium-sized beefsteak tomatoes have a smooth, meaty texture that makes them a delicious and eye-catching addition to sandwiches. Their low acidity and vibrant color provide a refreshing contrast to other sandwich ingredients.

Flavor profile

  • Sweet
  • Fruity
  • Citrusy

Best uses in sandwiches

  • Veggie and cream cheese sandwiches
  • Chicken and avocado sandwiches with a citrus aioli
  • Greek-style sandwiches with feta and cucumber

German Johnson Tomato

The German Johnson tomato is a large, heirloom beefsteak variety with a unique pinkish-red color and a slightly irregular shape. It is known for its rich, complex flavor, which offers a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, making it a delicious choice for sandwiches. The texture is smooth, juicy, and meaty, providing satisfying, substantial slices.

German Johnson tomatoes are also characterized by their dense, thick flesh and few seeds, which contribute to their excellent sandwich compatibility. This variety is particularly popular in the southern United States, where it has been cultivated for generations.

Flavor profile

  • Rich
  • Complex
  • Balanced sweetness and acidity
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Best uses in sandwiches

  • Roasted red pepper and goat cheese sandwiches
  • Pastrami and Swiss sandwiches
  • Grilled vegetable panini with a balsamic glaze
  1. What’s the best tomato for sandwiches?

The best tomato for sandwiches is subjective, as it depends on personal taste preferences and the type of sandwich being prepared. Some popular choices include the Mortgage Lifter, Brandywine, and Cherokee Purple varieties, all known for their rich, complex flavors and meaty textures, making them ideal for a wide range of sandwiches.

What are the best tasting tomatoes for tomato sandwiches?

For tomato-centric sandwiches, the Brandywine and Cherokee Purple tomatoes are particularly well-loved for their full, rich flavors and balanced sweetness and acidity. These heirloom varieties offer unique tastes and textures that make a tomato sandwich truly memorable.

What are the sweetest tomatoes for sandwiches?

The sweetest tomatoes for sandwiches include the Kellogg’s Breakfast and Pineapple varieties, both known for their sweet, fruity flavors. The Kellogg’s Breakfast has a low acidity, while the Pineapple offers a hint of tropical pineapple taste, making them perfect for those who prefer a sweeter tomato.

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Which tomatoes have the best flavor?

The “best” flavor is subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, some tomatoes with notably exceptional flavors include the Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, and Black Krim varieties. These tomatoes offer a rich, complex, and well-rounded taste that can elevate any sandwich.

best tasting tomatoes for sandwiches

Do Roma Tomatoes Make Good Sandwiches?

Roma tomatoes can make good sandwiches, particularly when used in Italian-style sandwiches or subs. They are meatier and less watery than other tomato varieties, which can help prevent sandwich sogginess. However, their flavor may be less intense than some of the other tomatoes mentioned in this list.

Are San Marzano Tomatoes Good For Sandwiches?

San Marzano tomatoes are primarily known for their use in sauces, but they can also be used in sandwiches. These tomatoes have a sweet, tangy flavor, and their elongated shape and meaty texture make them suitable for slicing. Their flavor might not be as complex as some of the other varieties, but they can still be a tasty addition to sandwiches.

What Are the Best Tomatoes for Burgers?

The best tomatoes for burgers should be firm, meaty, and full of flavor. Some popular choices include the Big Boy, Early Girl, and Beefsteak varieties. These tomatoes hold up well when paired with hearty burger ingredients and offer a satisfying taste and texture.

What Are the Best Tomatoes for Eating Raw?

The best tomatoes for eating raw should have a pleasant flavor, juiciness, and texture. Some top choices include the Green Zebra, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow, and Cherry or Grape tomatoes. These varieties offer a range of flavors, from tangy and zesty to sweet and fruity, making them perfect for enjoying on their own or in salads.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks! These 13 best tasting tomatoes for sandwiches are sure to elevate your sandwich game to new heights. I encourage you to experiment with these different tomato varieties to find your personal favorites and discover new flavor combinations. Remember, a sandwich is only as good as its ingredients, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic BLT or a more adventurous eater, there’s a tomato on this list to suit your taste buds. So, the next time you’re at the farmer’s market or grocery store, keep an eye out for these scrumptious tomatoes, and get ready to elevate your sandwich-making skills!

And as always, don’t forget to share your sandwich creations and favorite tomato varieties with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these tomatoes and how they’ve transformed your sandwiches. Happy sandwich making, everyone!

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