Turkey Burger Recipe with Chipotle Lime Slaw



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How many times have you tried a healthier burger options only to find that they tasted like cardboard?  I have a ton of times!  I am on a journey to find the best burger recipes that are easy to make, affordable and delicious!  This week it is our homemade Turkey Burger Recipe with Chipotle Lime Slaw.

The case for Turkey

A few years ago my wife and I made a healthy decision to replace ground beef with the leaner ground turkey and haven’t looked back!  We still love a beef burger when but choose to use ground turkey in most of our dishes.

We found turkey to be a great option and are still doing it today.

Tip: Ground Turkey is super lean and healthy for you! But, it can be bland due to the fact that is doesn’t have a lot of fat to help with flavoring.  Make sure to season it well!

What makes a good Turkey Burger Recipe?

There a few things that make a really good burger but for me the most important one is: the patty has to be juicy!

That is one of the most common downfalls to turkey burger recipe.  The leaner meat ends up overcooked and dried out.

This burger definitely stands above the rest in this category.

The Fixings

Next to the juiciness of the burger, the fixings are the next important thing in my opinion.

The fixings add the flavors and textures of your choice.

I chose to make a Chipotle-lime slaw for this to add some creaminess, crunch and a little heat from the chipotle.  The slaw is absolutely packed with flavor.

The Sides

The sides that go along with your burger help to add to the experience.  Yes, eating should be an experience! You should remember a great meal.  What’s a burger without fries?  I chose seasoned fries and fresh Aji Lemon chiles (because I love chiles) to round out this dinner.



This meal was definitely memorable.  The entire family loved these turkey burgers with chipotle lime slaw and seasoned fries.  This will make the menu again for sure!

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