What is Vertical Gardening




What is Vertical Gardening

Have you ever dreamed of harvesting your own fruit and vegetables, fresh from the garden? Instead of buying bland store-bought vegetables, you can enjoy delicious home-grown food.  Vertical gardening can be the solution you have been looking for!

What if you could harvest fresh vegetables right from your very own garden by growing vertically.

You might think it is a crazy idea right?

Vertical gardening techniques give you the ability to grow more food in less space. With vertical gardening, you train your veggies to grow up, not out.

Vertical Gardening

What exactly is vertical gardening?

Vertical gardening makes the most out of your space by growing up trellises effectively expanding your growing area. It relies on the fact that plants will grow where ever there is light, nutrients, and support.

What can be grown vertically?

Plants like cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, zucchini, Malabar spinach and melons can be grown straight up a wall and it will still produce!

Over time, the thought was you had to have a bunch of land to grow food for your family.  That was before the invention of pots, irrigation, and soil conditioners.

How to plan your vertical garden.

We can get creative in planning our vertical gardens because everyone has room for a pot in their garden.  I have placed pots of vegetables all throughout my garden to grow some our favorite plants.  You really only need the pot, good soil, something for the plant to climb on and the seeds.

If you provide the plants with everything they need, you will be successful and have a great harvest.  This is possible through the application of science and careful planning of your garden well before you plant the first seed.

Tip: The right soil is very key to being successful.  You want a potting soil that has good organic matter, coco coir, vermiculite, perlite and worm castings.  This will promote the proper drainage and provide the nutrients the plants need.

Is it hard?

Even though the process may seem labor intensive and difficult, it really isn’t. You will get the hang of it after just a short time. You will become a seasoned professional at growing your own produce in no time.

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Imagine the satisfaction you will get when you bite into your very own produce, which will taste way better than that store-bought produce. This and much more is possible with vertical gardening!

If this has convinced you to try vertical gardening, do some more research and just get started.  Start with a pot, soil and some seeds.  Put a simple tomato cage or wooden stake in the pot for the plant to grow on and then enjoy the harvest.

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