What is Container Gardening




What is Container Gardening?

Container gardens are simply when you purchase or re-purpose containers and fill them with soil and put the plant of your choice inside the container. This is a very simple way to garden and produce a lot of vegetables in a very easy way. All you need is a large container, some potting soil and the plants of your choice.

Throughout the world people are picking up a shovel and trying their hand at gardening. They are tilling up their yards and planting crops as well as using container gardening to help feed their family.

What about people who rent or live in apartments? With container gardening, they can garden too!

Many of us like to garden, but just don’t have the time to invest in a huge garden or the desire to do so in many cases as well. So, what else is possible to do when you just want enough vegetables to feed a small family without breaking your back?

We all know gardening can be hard work and one great way to eliminate a lot of that work is to have a container garden. In this blog post, you will learn more about container gardening and how it can save you time, money, and space in your garden.

What is container gardening and when should it be used?

It is a type of gardening where you grow plants in a variety of container or pots. This can be any sort of plant that you can think of from vegetables, flowers, succelents, and more that you grow in containers.

Not only are the types of plants pretty much endless, the type of containers are endless as well.

You can literally grow your plants in almost anything from a plastic disposable water bottle, a pair of jeans that have been made to stand up via some supports to an old wheelbarrow to give it some new life.

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What is container gardening

What is the purpose of container gardening?

The purpose of container gardening is to be able to grow plants in pots or other containers to either expand your current garden by providing more space for plants or to enable you to grow indoors, on a balcony or patio.

Growing in containers also enables you to focus your attention on a small amount of soil with your nutrients so that you are amending or fertilizing an entire block of ground.

What vegetables are good for container gardening?

All sorts of vegetables including peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, and more are good for container gardening if you choose the proper size container, give them the nutrients and water that they need to grow.

What vegetables can grow in 4 inches of soil?

You can grow vegetables like salad greens, microgreens, radish, garlic, basil, oregano, mint, thyme, Asian greens, peppers, and even micro tomatoes in 4 inches of soil if you provide them with the correct soil mix, nutrients and water and light requirements.

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What is a good soil mix for container gardening?

A good potting mix for container gardening would be a mix of high quality screened compost made from yard waste, peat moss or coco coir, and perlite. The best ratio for this is generally 50% compost, 30% peat moss or coco coir, and 20% perlite so that you end up with a good balanced potting mix.

The compost will aid in disease prevention, feed the plants while the peat moss or coco coir will help retain moisture in the pot, and the perlite helps with aeration and drainage in the soil.

What is the best potting mix for pots?

The best potting mix that I have found for growing plants in containers is light and fluffy, packed with nutrients, retains moisture but also drains well.

My favorites: Pro Mix or Happy Frog Potting Mix.

What is the difference between potting soil and potting mix?

The difference between potting soil and potting mix is the ingredients that going into making both mixes. Potting soil could contain soil whereas potting mix is a soiless growing mix. Potting mix is the better choice as it doesn’t contain insect eggs, fungus, or harmful plant diseases.

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How much can container gardening produce?

It really just depends on the type of vegetables or fruits you are growing, the type of container, potting mix, nutrients, and more to determine how much you will harest.

It is completely possible to harvest enough for a small family from a container garden. It is true. Last year, my container grown tomatoes, peppers and eggplants produced more pound for pound than those plants in raised beds.

There are various ways to start container gardening, but one of the most popular ways recently has been to just get containers and start planting. Container gardening is a great way to get started in gardening.

When you use this method to garden, you can really get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time in a small amount of space. Container gardening can be very rewarding.

What’s stopping you from planting a container garden? What do you have to lose? You potentially have baskets of fresh produce to lose!

Don’t miss out on fresh vegetables, plant a container garden today!

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What is container gardening, container gardening, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com

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