What is the Sweetest Tomato: Our Top 10 Sweetest Tomatoes




What is the Sweetest Tomato: Our Top 10 Sweetest Tomatoes

When it comes to growing tomatoes in your garden, there are a couple of factors that everybody considers when planning which varieties you want to grow. I consider the overall flavor, size, and space required, and finally the sweetness of the tomatoes.

I like tomatoes that have good tomato flavor, a bit of acid, and a good amount of sweetness. So, what is the sweetest tomato?

How is Sweetness Measured?

You can tell the sweetness of tomatoes through Brix ratings. Brix ratings are a test that measures sugar content. A higher Brix rating means more sugars and less acidity in tomatoes, which is why they are sweeter to taste when ripe.

Tomatoes can be found in a variety of sizes, colors, and flavors. If you are looking for the sweetest tomato to put in your salad, you want to get a tomato that has a Brix rating of at least 6.

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What Type of Tomato Is Super Sweet?

There is not just one type of tomato that is super sweet. There are tomatoes of all types that have different flavor profiles from super sweet, to tangy, to that classic tomato flavor, and even some great balanced ones.

There is a cherry tomato variety that is named super sweet 100 that a classic cherry tomato. The super sweet 100 is prolific and has a good sweetness and tomato flavor.

How Can You Choose the Sweetest Tomatoes at the Market?

When shopping at the market, look for tomatoes that are brightly colored and firm, with a little give when you gently squeeze them. A sweet, earthy aroma at the stem end is a good sign too. And remember, local and in-season usually means sweeter and tastier!

Do All Tomato Varieties Have the Same Sweetness?

No two tomato varieties are the same when it comes to sweetness. They can range from tart and tangy to honey-like sweetness. It’s all about genetics, growing conditions, and maturity levels. So, we’ve got a fantastic assortment of tomatoes to choose from.

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Can Color and Smell Indicate Tomato Sweetness?

Indeed, color can be an indicator of a tomato’s sweetness. As a rule of thumb, darker tomatoes are generally sweeter. It is also important to look for tomatoes that are fully ripe. When a tomato has reached peak ripeness the sugars and the flavor have been fully developed.

Red and orange tomatoes are typically sweet, while green and yellow tomatoes tend to be more tangy.

However, there are always exceptions, like the sweet Sun Gold and Green Giant. As for smell, a sweet, earthy aroma is usually a good sign of a sweet tomato.

What is the Sweetest Tomato: Our Top 10 Sweetest Tomatoes

Rosada Tomatoes

Rosada tomatoes are the sweetest tomato variety you can grow. With a Brix rating of 10.5, these succulent and juicy little gems pack an incredible amount of flavor in their small frame! These sun-loving plants thrive best when given plenty of sunlight throughout the day—but beware: they’ll also need chalk or clay soil to do well!

As if that weren’t enough great things about this heirloom breed, Rosadas produce nectar-rich pollen which will help your bees stay happy and healthy (bees LOVE them!). If you’re looking for some serious sweetness from your garden next summer then consider adding Rosada’s to your knapsack today!”

Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes

The Sun Gold cherry tomato plant delivers an outstanding harvest of delectable, flavorful, and sweet cherry tomatoes that almost never make it indoors from the garden at my house.

The perfect snack while walking around the garden or while prepping a meal in your kitchen, the Sun Gold cherry tomato packs an incredible flavor and sweetness that will leave you wanting more.

It registers a 9.3 on the Brix scale which makes them as sweet as candy.

The Sun Gold is an absolute mainstay in our home garden.

Sun gold cherry tomato, what is the sweetest tomato

Apero Cherry Tomato

The Apero cherry tomato is another great tasting cherry tomato that has a sweet but balanced flavor. Their unique blend of sweet but zesty flavor make them a great addition to have in your garden for snacking or to put into a veggie tray when entertaining.

The Apero registers a 9.5 on the Brix scale.

Super Sweet 100

The super sweet 100 cherry tomato is a hybrid variety that has been around for a number of years. This tomato has a good sweetness to it as well as a good tomato flavor which makes it great for putting into salads or eating fresh off the vine.

I grow this variety every year and without fail, it produces tons of tomatoes for our family to enjoy. We use them in salads, on sandwiches, and to make pizza sauce!

I would definitely recommend this variety if you’re looking for a reliable tomato plant that produces lots of fruit.

Juliet Tomato

The Juliet tomato is a grape tomato that is an indeterminate tomato, meaning it will continue to grow and produce fruit over a longer period of time than other varieties. The fruits are borne in long clusters that hang off the vines like grapes!

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Its flavor is sweet, mild, and acidic all at once. Juliet tomatoes have a unique flavor and texture that is perfect for salads, snacking, roasting, or making sauces.

The Juliet tomato is an excellent choice for the home gardener who wants to enjoy fresh-picked tomatoes all summer long!

Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes

Sun sugar is hybrid cherry tomato with an orangish yellow skin. Sun Sugar tomatoes have a great flavor that is the perfect amount of sweetness and acidity that make them great in salads or snacking right in the garden.

They are super productive, slow to crack even with uneven watering, and even continue to produce during the hottest parts of the summer.

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Black cherries are packed with rich flavor with a hint of smokiness and delicious sweetness. This tomato vine will produce fruits over a long season even in hot temperatures. These tomatoes make a great addition to salads and veggie platters.

Black cherry tomatoes are an absolute must try for anyone looking for a new cherry tomato. I grow them every year and never get tired of them.

Black Cherry Tomato, what is the sweetest tomato

Sakura Cherry Tomatoes

This beautiful red cherry tomato is a favorite amongst commercial growers and tomato connoisseurs alike. It comes in the mid-8 range on the Brix scale as well which makes it a sweet snack. It’s also resistant to Fusarium wilt.

Pineapple Tomato

Pineapple Tomato is an heirloom variety with a unique pineapple shape. This smooth-skinned tomato is best harvested when it reaches the size of a grapefruit which means your plant will produce for months and months.

It’s sweet and fresh from the vine flavor. Pineapple tomato is also resistant to fusarium wilt which often can cause disease in tomatoes.

Big Rainbow Tomato

Big Rainbow is a large, vigorous plant that produces loads of tomatoes with deep golden flesh, rich flavor, and sweetness.

This variety is great for canning because it is firm and has less juice which makes it easier to pack in jars. The plants are also resistant to fusarium wilt which often can cause disease in tomatoes.

Prudens Purple Tomato

Prudens Purple has a rich flavor and sweetness. It’s widely popular for tomato enthusiasts due to its high yields of deep golden fruit that are firm and less juicy which makes them perfect for canning.

Its resistance to fusarium wilt also makes this variety perfect for the garden. These tomatoes are sweet, with a flavor that is more robust than other varieties.

Which Tomato is the Sweetest?

The Rosada cherry tomatoes are the sweetest but they can be hard to get. The sweetest cherry tomato that is readily available is the Sun Gold cherry and the sweetest non-cherry is either the Big Rainbow or the Pineapple tomatoes. It is ultimately up to each person which tomato has the best flavor or sweetness.

What Is the Best-Tasting Tomato?

The best-tasting cherry tomato is the Sun Gold and the Black Cherry tomato as they are both the perfect combination of sweetness and have the classic tomato acid that all true tomato connoisseurs love.

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The best-tasting sauce tomato is the San Marzano which makes outstanding sauces. The best tasting large slicing tomatoes are the classic Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, and the Costolutto Fiorentino because they have great flavor, good tomato acid, and the right amount of sweetness.

Are Roma Tomatoes Sweet?

The best Roma tomatoes have the perfect combination of meatiness, low water or juice content, and sweet but still have a great tomato flavor. The combination of these things makes a Roma tomato the ultimate choice for making flavorful sauces. One of the best-tasting Roma tomatoes is the San Marzano.

Which Cherry Tomatoes Are the Sweetest?

The sweetest cherry tomatoes are the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes coming in at a 9.3 on the Brix scale. They are not only sweet but have a great tomato flavor and make a great addition to a salad or a perfect snack.

What Are the Best Cherry Tomatoes?

The best cherry tomatoes are Sun Gold, Sun Sugar, Black Cherry, Sweet Million, Tommy Toe, and more. These have great flavor, sweetness, and just the perfect amount of acid.

Check out our articles about the sweetest cherry tomatoes or the best cherry tomato varieties to grow in your garden.

Which Is Sweeter Grape or Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are sweeter than grape tomatoes in most cases. Both cherry and grape tomatoes have characteristics that make them a favorite amongst home growers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about tomatoes:

How to grow sweeter tomatoes?

Growing the sweetest tomatoes at home starts with choosing the right variety. Opt for known sweet varieties like Sun Gold or Black Cherry. Next, ensure they get plenty of sunlight and are grown in nutrient-rich soil. Remember to water them regularly but cut back a bit as they start to ripen to concentrate the sugars.

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Can I Increase the Sweetness of my Store-Bought Tomatoes?

While you can’t significantly increase the sweetness of store-bought tomatoes, letting them ripen at room temperature can help develop their flavor a bit more. Cooking methods like roasting or grilling can also enhance their natural sweetness.

Are Green Tomatoes Less Sweet Than Ripe Ones?

Yes, green tomatoes are generally less sweet than ripe ones. However, some green varieties like the Green Giant can be quite sweet.

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Does the Size of the Tomato Affect Its Sweetness?

Size doesn’t necessarily affect sweetness. Both small and large tomatoes can be sweet, depending on their variety and growing conditions.

Are Heirloom Tomatoes Sweeter Than Hybrid Varieties?

Not always. Sweetness depends more on the specific variety rather than whether it’s an heirloom or hybrid. Both categories can include sweet varieties.

Can I Use Sweet Tomatoes in Place of Regular Tomatoes in My Recipes?

Absolutely! Sweet tomatoes can add a delightful twist to many recipes. Just remember, they might change the overall flavor balance due to their added sweetness.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, discovering the sweetest tomato can be a mouthwatering exploration that’s truly worth embarking on. From the sugary burst of the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes to the candy-like sweetness of the Super Sweet 100s, the world of tomatoes is more luscious and delightful than you may have ever imagined.

So, the next time you’re strolling through a farmer’s market or browsing your local grocery store, don’t shy away from trying a new type of tomato. You never know, you might just find your new favorite sweet treat hiding in the produce aisle.

Just remember, the journey to finding the sweetest tomato isn’t just about the destination, but savoring each deliciously sweet bite along the way!

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