5 Tips for Choosing a DIY Hydroponics Project

5 Tips for choosing a diy hydroponics project, DIY hydroponics, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/5-tips-for-choosing-a-diy-hydroponics-project

5 Tips for choosing a diy hydroponics project, DIY hydroponics, Backyard Eden, www.backyard-eden.com, www.backyard-eden.com/5-tips-for-choosing-a-diy-hydroponics-project5 Tips for Choosing a DIY Hydroponics Project

So, you have chosen to dive into the world of hydroponic gardening.  Awesome! I am sure there are tons of questions racing through your mind.  What to grow? Where to put the setup? Or my personal favorite, where do I start? Choosing the best DIY hydroponics project for you is an important decision. Here are 5 Tips for Choosing a DIY Hydroponics Project!

Tip #1: Consider your space:

Do you have a small space with just enough room for a vertical hydroponic system? There are several types of DIY hydroponic projects you can fit into a very small space. Or do you have plenty of room to spread out and build something more substantial? There are lots of options but if you’re a beginner, start small and “get your feet wet” before spending a lot of money, time and energy on your project.

You could do a project called “nutrient film technique” which allows nutrients to continually flow over the roots of your plants. Or you might consider a space saving vertical aeroponic system that pumps a spray of nutrient water onto the roots of your plants at regular intervals. Both can be done in a very small space.

Tip #2: Consider your budget:

There are DIY hydroponic projects that can fit just about any budget. Some can be done using primarily equipment you probably already have on hand. However, you will need to spend money on a few things, such as pump, timer, nutrients and ph tester. The easiest and cheapest method is called the “wick system” but generally this should be used for small plants and on a small scale. The “wick” system can be created from some fast food Styrofoam cups and other pieces. Delivery of nutrients to the roots is slower than in some of the other hydroponics methods.

Tip #3: Consider your experience and commitment:

Do you want a project you can throw up in just a few hours and then not have to fuss over? Or are you someone who wants to check the nutrients and ph every day and hover over your project. There are projects that will work for you no matter what your style may be. Are you a seasoned DIY person with experience building other types of projects? DIY hydroponics may require some basic knowledge and experience with plumbing, electricity, carpentry as well as some basic gardening skill. The method known as the “drip irrigation hydroponic system” is probably one of the most complicated but most of the methods have versions that range from less complicated to more complicated.

Tip #4: Consider your plans for what you’d like to grow:

Are you more interested in growing something like lettuce or herbs that will give you a harvest very quickly? Or are you more interested in growing some more complicated crops such as strawberries or tomatoes? Your choice of a DIY hydroponics project will be highly influenced by what you want to grow. The “ebb and flow” system works quite well for things like tomatoes, while strawberries do better with “nutrient film technique” (NFT). Most other plants aren’t too fussy about how they are grown.

Tip #5: Consider your climate:

Do you live where it’s relatively easy to set up and maintain a hydroponics project either indoors or outdoors? Is it too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter to be successful? Keep this in mind as you choose your project. If you live where there is intense heat in the summer, you may need to consider protection from the sun. If it’s very rainy, you may need to consider rain protection by building your project indoors or inside of a hoop house or greenhouse.

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