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Spring Preparation

Spring Preparation 1

Spring Preparation

Spring is just around the corner here in North Texas and we have a lot of work to do in the  veggie garden.  We have seeds being started and so much more.

A beautiful day

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning here in the Dallas area and I have a few things to do in the garden to prepare for spring planting.  With spring on the horizon and about 10 weeks to optimal planting time for transplants, I need to get to work in the garden.

This year I plan on adding some new perennials to the garden as well as growing our family favorites that we grow every year.  For a list of the perennials I will be adding to our veggie patch, click here!  I love this time of year because I am in the middle of my last minute planning for the spring and summer vegetable garden.  I am looking over the number of seed catalogs that come in the mail trying to decide on what to grow.

On the agenda today

First, I had some easy garden clean up in order to get ready for spring planting.  I had some plants this winter that did not survive our crazy frost schedule.  It came unexpectedly and claimed several victims in our garden so I had to remove the plant debris so that I can plant in the upcoming weeks, plus it makes the garden look better.  Certain things had to be pulled out while others just need a trim..

Spring Preparation, how to, garden, backyard farm, backyard eden,
Mint is invasive and will take over a raised bed or garden quickly.

Second, I fed up the raised beds with some organic compost to give the beds a boost going into spring planting.  Every season, I like to feed up the beds with a healthy dose of organic compost and mushroom compost which will provide food for the micro-organisms which will finish the process, making those nutrients available to the plants.  Each one of my beds got a wheel barrow full of compost.

Spring Preparation, how to, garden, backyard farm, backyard eden,
A good dose of compost will do wonders for your raised bed garden.

Third, I needed to add some compost and organic fertilizer to my containers to get them ready for planting.  Each year I plant a variety of plants in containers to add space to my small veggie garden.  This year I will be planting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, sweet potatoes, peas and many more in containers to make the best use of my space.

Spring Preparation, how to, garden, backyard farm, backyard eden,
2016 Eggplant in a container.

Lastly, I needed to get some seeds started outside in my mini greenhouse.  I started a variety of greens that will provide me a bountiful harvest throughout the growing season.  I absolutely love Kale, Chard, Collards and herbs in smoothies or at lunchtime in salads.  I chose Red Russian Kale, Lacinato Kale (Dino), Curly Kale, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Perpetual Spinach, Georgia Collards and various herbs to get started today.

Spring Preparation, how to, garden, backyard farm, backyard eden,
Some of the seeds starting to emerge.

I started a flat of Rainbow Chard, Perpetual Spinach, Georgia Collards and Kale which will give me plenty of healthy transplants for the veggie patch.

More to do

There is still a ton of work to do in the veggie patch in order to be ready for spring.  I still have some of my seeds to start, build new trellis and repair some the drip irrigation.  It is shaping up to be a great spring and we cannot wait here on the farm.

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