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Restaurant Salsa: Our Favorite

In our house there are few things that we like more than a bowl of fresh made restaurant salsa and some tortilla chips.  It does not matter what the occasion; football party, church group get together or just a game night with the family, chips and salsa is definitely the way to go.

A top the condiment mountain

Salsa is one of those things that everyone likes his or her own way.  It can be chunky or smooth, mild or hot and even red or green; but no matter your preference, it is always fun and delicious to try them all.  I have been to many farmer’s markets to booths and tried my fair share of different salsas.

Over the last few years salsa and even hot sauce has earned a new standing in our American culture as the new favorite condiment.  Some say it has even replaced ketchup a top the condiment mountain when it comes to must haves with your meal.  With the recent insurgence of salsa and hot sauce among condiments, stores have decided to carry many different varieties to suit anyone.

Store bought vs Home made

Why buy a store bought salsa when you can make it at home in no time?  Store bought has a ton of different ingredients and preservatives to ensure shelf life and even color. Why would you want all of that extra stuff when you can make simple but great salsa at home with just the necessities? Home made is so fresh and flavorful and completely flexible to fit your taste, it will keep you coming back for more.  Here is my simple and delicious Restaurant Salsa recipe that you can make in about ten minutes.  If you have an abundance of fresh tomatoes during the summer you can substitute those for the canned.  Just use 10-12 medium tomatoes instead of each can.


Storage & Flexibility

This salsa will easily hold in the fridge for several days.  We do not even bother to can the salsa because it does not last in our house.  The recipe can be easily adjusted to fit your needs; whether you want to can it for the pantry or if you have an abundance of fresh tomatoes during the summer.  This restaurant salsa is great in anyway.

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