March Garden

March Garden, growing your own, backyard homestead, backyard garden

March Garden

In February we posted an update on what was growing in our backyard garden as well as a few harvest pictures of our garden.  Our March Garden has experienced a generous amount of rain over the last several weeks which has helped the garden explode with new growth.  We have also had some amazing harvests already this year.  In this edition we will cover what is growing on in our veggie patch.

We had an absolute great year for broccoli and cauliflower.  We originally planted 24 broccoli plants and 6 cauliflower.  All of the broccoli plants produce a nice sized crown and have been producing side shoots for over a month now.

Broccoli harvest, March Garden, Backyard Eden,
We had a bumper year for broccoli. We ate a ton fresh and put up 4 gallon bags full.

We had one of our best years yet for broccoli being able to eat several crowns fresh with meals and processing four gallon bags full for the freezer.  Check out our article Preserve your Harvest: Broccoli for a how to on freezing broccoli.  The broccoli plants are still in the veggie patch and we have left them to go to seed because the bees love the flowers.  In the early spring it is good to have some food for the bees.

Backyard Eden,, growing your own, march garden
Some of the broccoli plants going to flower.

Here are some of the other things growing in the veggie patch.

Swiss Chard is one of our favorite veggies to grow in our backyard garden.  Our March Garden is full of the versatile leafy green.  I use it in any dish that calls for spinach.  One of my favorite dishes is a veggie omelette with mushrooms, chard and green onions.

Backyard Eden,, March Garden
Rhubarb Chard is colorful and delicious.

Dinosaur Kale is another one of our favorite greens to grow in our garden.  It makes a nice addition to a salad or adding some leaves to a juice.  We have about 30 plants growing at this time in our March Garden and will start more from seed for the fall.

Backyard Eden,, March Garden
Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale growing in our veggie garden.

Curly Kale is another leafy green that we eat a lot of.  It is delicious and healthy for you and can be added to salads, soups or even sandwiches.  We have about 20 plants growing right now all of which are in different stages so that we always have fresh kale to eat., backyard eden, curly kale, march garden
Curly Kale growing in our raised bed
Curly Kale, Backyard Eden,, march garden
Young Curly Kale planted earlier this year for a spring crop
Curly Kale in shopping bags,, march garden
Curly Kale growing in some re-usable shopping bags. It works great!

We also have a variety of other greens that we can harvest a leaf or two for a salad.  Greens like spinach, collards, Japanese mustards, variety of different lettuces give us options for our daily salads.

Perennial  & Self-Seeding Herbs are another thing that we look forward to every spring.  They wake up and start putting out new growth that we can enjoy.  Herbs like Rosemary, Sage, Pineapple Sage, Cilantro, Thai Basil, Mint, Greek Oregano and Parsley.  We add herbs to our meals on a daily basis.

Perennial Herbs, Backyard Eden,, march garden
One of our Rosemary plants enjoying the weather.
Mint, March garden,, backyard eden, perennial herbs
Mint is a great addition to summer drinks.

These are just a few of the plants that we have growing in our march garden.  I also have a ton of seeds started indoors (Click here for our Seed Starting article).  We can not wait until spring is here without a doubt so that we can plant a lot of our seeds for spring and summer.  We also have a number of plants coming back from last year and even blooming right now.  Our two eggplants, numerous hot peppers such as Orange Habanero are putting out growth and even some flowers.  It will not be long now.

If you any questions or would like to send me an email, please do so.

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